Why This Cellulite-Busting Treatment Gets the Green Light for Darker Skin Tones

Look to your left; look to your proper. Pretty a lot anybody inside your eyeline will be coping with cellulite. Unwanted dimpling on the legs, butt and thighs happens in 90 % of ladies and 10 % of males. Aesthetic firm Endo, who makes the injectable cellulite treatment QWO, has got down to begin an open dialogue with those that are coping with booty dimples with a “Butt First” marketing campaign that encourages “judgment-free” discussions about the concern, because it impacts so many ladies, irrespective of the race, age and physique kind.

During the “Butt First” kick-off occasion held in Miami (which some may say is the booty capital of the U.S.), dermatologists Annie Gonzalez, MD and Stacy Chimento, MD each shared the optimistic experiences they’ve had with the injectable therapy on themselves and their sufferers. Being in such a various metropolis, the pores and skin consultants made it some extent to spotlight that QWO has been extensively examined and has been discovered to be secure and efficient for girls of all Fitzpatrick pores and skin varieties. 

Drs. Chimento and Gonzalez sharing the dimple smoothing advantages of QWO at the Miami “Butt First” occasion.

“When you consider a treatment, you look at its efficacy and whether or not it’s safe for your patient population,” explains Dr. Chimento. “During the clinical trials for QWO, 30 percent of the participants had light brown to very dark skin tones, which are classified as Fitzpatrick skin types IV, V, and VI. I will tell you that all these women did beautifully and this treatment. Patients with more melanin-rich skin like African American patients or those of African descent did absolutely amazing. For us in Miami, we are very diverse, we have a lot of patients of Latino and Hispanic heritage, African Americans and Native Americans and all these women did beautifully and saw impressive results, which is excellent since women of all ages, from all backgrounds and with all skin tones get cellulite.”

While bruising is a typical facet impact that fades shortly after the first therapy—three periods are really helpful, every spaced 21 days aside, to get the greatest outcomes—Drs. Gonzalez and Chimento stress that bruising, redness and swelling at the injection websites subside shortly. One concern that folks with melanin-rich pores and skin face typically is the threat of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which might trigger darkening of the pores and skin. The docs shared that whereas there’s all the time a threat of PIH occurring as a response to a pores and skin process that causes pores and skin irritation or harm, it’s not a serious threat with QWO.  

“Given the mechanism of action of QWO, leakage of blood from small blood vessels near the area that is injected can create bruising and temporary staining as the bruise heals.” Dr. Chimento shares. “This bruising is believed to occur due to the breakdown of the collagen in the fibrous bands of cellulite that support the blood vessels. Regardless of skin type, any individual is at risk for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and it is not correlated with Fitzpatrick skin types. However, everyone clears bruises at different rates and while some residual hyperpigmentation may occur, patients always do well and see improvement.”

These sorts of conversations are precisely why Endo is continuous the “Butt First” marketing campaign all through the nation—to present girls and physicians an opportunity to talk freely about any concern, challenge or problem caused from residing with cellulite. As we all know from the statistics, it’s an issue that many ladies cope with secretly, however not anymore. No matter your background, QWO desires you to know that they’ve bought your again—and your Butt! Go to QWO.com to discover a Butt First occasion in your space.

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