What You Need to Know About the Trending ‘Corner Lip Lift’ Treatment

There are different kinds of lip enhancement procedures, however we have a tendency to hear most about the one which makes use of fillers to plump and make them greater. Among the options out there to excellent the pout is the nook lip elevate or the “smile lift,” which might elevate drooping corners of the mouth caused by aging. Here’s every little thing you want to know in accordance to the execs.

What causes our smiles to droop down as we age?

As we age, the distance from the base of the nostril to the coloured lip thins and elongates, leading to much less visibility of the higher incisors, says Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Sanjay Grover, MD. “Along with the central lip lengthening, the corners of the lip also descend and turn downwards, creating a sad or angry appearance. An upper lip lift is more effective in raising the central two-thirds of the upper lip; thus, a corner lip lift is beneficial for some.”

What is a nook lip elevate?

According to Delray Beach, FL facial plastic surgeon Miguel Mascaro, MD a “true” nook elevate entails addressing the oral commissure, or the corners of the mouth. “This is where the upper and lower lip meet,” he explains. “However, this can be incorporated into an extended corner lift, where the part of the upper lip along the side can be rolled up as well.”

“We noticed that some of our patients have anatomy that doesn’t reveal much of their lateral lip, and their lateral lip still won’t show after our standard lip lift,” provides Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon Sachin S. Parikh, MD. “With a corner lip lift, we remove a minor amount of skin from the outer corners just above the red lip to ensure that the patient will show more of their lateral lip post procedure.”

What does a nook lip elevate entail?

Unlike a standard lip elevate, which entails shortening the size between the nostril and the higher lip to create a fuller-looking high lip, Dr. Grover says a nook lip elevate entails eradicating one to three millimeters of pores and skin at the junction of the lip border at the nook. “This procedure can be performed under local, twilight or general anesthesia depending on if it is performed alone, with an upper lip lift, or along with an entire facial rejuvenation procedure.”

Dr. Parikh believes the ease of the surgical procedure is why lip lifts have been trending in recent times. “It’s a minor surgery, a small physical change, with a transformative overall effect,” he shares. “Many of our patients go through this in-office procedure and can return to their daily lives fairly soon, without anyone realizing they had any kind of surgery. Our patients hear a lot of ‘I can’t tell what’s different, but you look great!’”


Who ought to take into account a nook lip elevate?

If you’ve observed your smile turning downward and fixed frowning, Dr. Mascaro says it’s possible you’ll be an excellent candidate for this therapy. “This is best for those who have fallen sides of the lip along with downward going oral commissures. It’s important to remember this does not address marionette lines. For that, a facelift is indicated.”

“The best candidates for a corner lip lift are patients that appear to show no or very little lateral lip,” notes Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon David Lieberman, MD. “It looks as if their lip is fuller, centrally, but the fullness and the lip line rapidly taper downward laterally, toward the corners. This can be due to general anatomy, a prior traditional lip lift, or it can develop through the aging process.”

Who ought to skip it?

If the concern is lip quantity or the size between the higher lip and nostril, a nook lip elevate received’t deal with these points. “If a patient has nicely shaped lips with adequate volume and is only bothered by the length between the upper lip and nose, they wouldn’t necessarily be a candidate for a corner lip lift,” says Dr. Lieberman. “It is all about bringing balance to the entire lip and mouth area.”

Is there any seen scarring related to a nook lip elevate?

According to Dr. Parikh, scarring is minimal and hidden inside the border of the lip. Dr. Mascaro provides that scarring is at all times a downside with any therapy, however to discover a expert, board-certified surgeon who has intensive expertise performing them for the finest outcome.

What outcomes are you able to anticipate?

“After healing and once the swelling has subsided, patients will notice more of the colored area of their natural lip is visible, even with their lips at rest,” shares Dr. Parikh. “More of their teeth show when they smile, and they’ll have noticeably increased volume in the upper lip.”

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