What Kind Of Coconut Oil Do You Use For Hair?

What Kind Of Coconut Oil Do You Use For Your Hair

What Kind Of Coconut Oil Do You Use For Your Hair?

Lots of people find coconut oil to be a great substitute for a wide variety of different products. It can have some truly great effects on the skin, hair and general health. Coconut oil can be used as a more natural solution to a variety of issues.

If you're new to using coconut oil, it can be tricky to find the right product for a specific purpose.

For example, it can be used to soften and strengthen hair, but which kind of coconut oil should you use for this? In this article, we're going to take a look into the best coconut oil options to use in your hair.

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What Types Of Coconut Oil Are There?

Due to the number of uses it has, more and more products containing coconut oil have begun to enter the market. Because of that, it's a good idea to know how to navigate around the available options to find the best possible one for your hair.

Generally speaking, there are three types of coconut oil products to look out for:

  • Organic, pure coconut oil.
  • More refined products that include hydrogenated oils.
  • Those that are made for a specific purpose, such as use on the face or hair.

Oftentimes, the coconut oil products for the hair and face are combined with other ingredients to compound the benefits for whatever area they're used on.

Depending on what those other ingredients are, this can make certain options better for skin and haircare use. However, some prefer to keep it simple and stick with pure, organic options.

Which Type Is Best For Hair?

coconut oil

This can depend on the quality of the product as well as your hair type. Some find that coconut oil alone can cause dry hair to become more brittle.

However, when combined with other products that are good for hair such as argan or olive oil, those kinds of effects can be avoided. Because of this, some may find that they need to try out a few different combinations to get the right effects.

It's because of these other ingredients that it can often be a good idea to seek out coconut oil products that are specifically designed for hair. However, some people also decide to start with pure coconut oil and add in other ingredients of their own choosing.

How Often Should I Use It?

The answer to this will really depend on the product you're using and how you use it. If the product you're using is designed to work as more of a hair mask that you leave in for a period of time before rinsing out, two to three times a week can be a perfectly suitable frequency to use the coconut oil product.

However, there are also shampoos and conditioners you can use on a daily basis that will be able to help your hair while providing the cleaning your hair needs.

You may also choose to use both kinds of products depending on how well you find it works for you. There can also be some other kinds of products that you may want to try out as well. It really depends on the needs of your hair.

How Should I Use It?

Just about any coconut oil product should come with some instructions on how to use it for the ideal results. As mentioned earlier, how you use the product really depends the specific type of product itself. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that you can use the product to the best of its ability.

You should also take into account the many differences in the varieties of coconut oil on the market such as virgin or extra-virgin, cold pressed, and refined or unrefined options.

Some are likely to work better than others. Generally speaking, the purer the coconut oil is, the better it can be to use. That being said, options made specifically for the hair can be very worthwhile as well, though they may contain some other ingredients that standard organic coconut oil would not.


You have a wide variety of options when it comes to the coconut oil that will work best for you. However, it's in your best interests to try to avoid options that are highly processed, as they aren't likely to work as well on your hair and may include ingredients you don't want in your hair.

Take your time while trying out products and combinations, as it may take a little time to get the results you want. Once you have found the right product, you'll likely to find that coconut oil can really be a great friend to your hair, keeping it soft and healthy.

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