This Unique Skin-Care Ingredient Helps Target Dryness From the Inside Out

When it involves seaweed-based skin-care modelRepêchage, luxurious is the title of the recreation. Not solely do its formulations use superior components—at the coronary heart of allRepêchage merchandise lies the model’s unique, nutrient-rich seaweed filtrate—however they unleash a hydrated, vibrant complexion for plumpness you possibly can’t assist however exhibit. The model is house to 6 totally different strains, however we’re zooming in on its Hydra Dew Pure assortment, which boasts one other distinctive ingredient that restores and renews the pores and skin when utilized topically and, as I just lately realized, when ingested, too.

When I sat down with licensed esthetician and model companion Shiri Sarfati earlier than receiving the model’s unique Hydra Dew Pure Moisture Lift facial, she introduced me a glass of Greek Mastiha Flavored Sparkling Water ($3) and instructed me to take a sip. “Mastiha is one of the main ingredients in our entire Hydra Dew Pure line,” she instructed me. “It has amazing benefits for the skin, whether you drink it in its original form or when you apply it to the skin. But, using it in both ways is the most beneficial.”

Immediately, I used to be curious. It makes whole sense that each ingesting and making use of a skin-boosting ingredient—consider extra widespread components like collagen or vitamin C—would have the biggest profit, however what’s it about this under-the-radar, earthy-flavored water that makes it so worthy?

Mainly cultivated from mastic bushes in the southern tip of Chios, Greece, “Our Mastiha water is a natural extract of the Chios Mastiha (Chios Gum Mastic) derived through a distillation process,” says Sarfati. “Steam carries away the aromatic, volatile ingredients, turning it into condensed, aromatic water. During this process, the Mastiha water retains beneficial properties of both the Mastiha oil and the natural resin.” She explains that its advantages are plentiful: “Chios Mastiha consists of nearly 70 elements and constituents.Among its many benefits, it has shown to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As it targets dryness, it helps reduce the appearance of oil, pore size, fine lines and dark spots.”

But, earlier than it was utilized to the pores and skin, it was utilized in conventional Greek medication for over 2500 years. “In addition to its antioxidant properties, it has been studied to aid in the amelioration of stomach disorders, auto-immune disease and even certain cancers,” Sarfati tells me. “It has always been our mission to address skin-care concerns holistically at Repêchage, working with the medical community to consider how best to address these concerns topically while working with clients to pursue the science in creating overall wellness.”

The similar concept is used with its different components. “Our Moisture Lift Serum ($90) contains camellia japonica seed oil (also known as tsubaki oil), which was used in centuries for Japan to reduce inflammation. It is known to help strengthen the appearance of the skin barrier while it helps prevent moisture loss. As product formulators and manufacturers, Repêchage creates products with ingredients that work synergistically to create the optimum biome on the surface of the skin.”

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