The Right Way to Go From Dark to Light Hair

Ever gotten the urge to take your dark locks light? Yeah, us too. But fact be informed, it’s not as fast or straightforward as you suppose it might be.

As Sheenon Olson, celeb hairstylist and artistic director of ATMA Beauty in Miami Beach, FL, factors out, the rationale why so many individuals suppose that it’s straightforward to go mild is as a result of we solely have a tendency to discover main adjustments. “We see celebrities change their hair color all the time but we forget that extensions and wigs are often used,” he says. The course of doesn’t occur magically. It takes hours and generally a number of periods in your colorist’s chair. But if you need to go from darkish to mild, it may be accomplished. It simply takes persistence and time—a number of time.

Nikki Lee

The Process

If you may have virgin hair that’s by no means been coloured, the method would require fairly a bit of labor. It’s greatest to go sluggish as a result of your hair can grow to bedamaged if strive to get it too mild instantly. “On average, you’ll need about three to four visits before you start to see a drastic change,” says Olson. “Or, you could get all those same color services done in a single day, which means you would be at the salon for eight to 10 hours and shell out upward of $1,000 or more.” Colorist Denis de Souza, co-owner of Mare Salon in LA, provides that on naturally darkish (however not too darkish) hair, two full spotlight periods accomplished the identical day can create a pleasant blond shade. “The first round takes the hair to a nice light brown and the second to a pretty blond.”

According to celeb hairstylist Nikki Lee, “When taking someone from dark to light, you need to be thoughtful of what is already on your client’s hair. If it’s dark in color, has natural sections or features lighter bits, you may need to mix different developers to achieve an overall even lift.”


Damaging Dangers

Consider this the rule of thumb when majorly coloring your hair: The extra you modify it, the extra injury that can incur, and the sooner you modify it, the extra injury you’ll do to your hair. “There’s always some damage done to the hair; that’s unavoidable. But the extent of damage depends on how careful your colorist is and the products that he or she is using,” says de Souza.

Aura Friedman

Because most of us do coloration our hair, going from darkish to mild on coloured hair turns into a brilliant difficult course of. “You’re in unchartered territory. There’s a lot of science behind hair color. With colored hair, you never know how the hair will react and you will be limited by the integrity of the hair, which means that at a certain point, if you continue to lighten it to the point that the hair becomes compromised, it will break,” explains Olson.

Strand Restorers

While it’s troublesome to gauge the purpose at which hair will break, hydrating remedies like Olaplex and Brazilian Bond Builder are sometimes added to the colour to restore the integrity and pH ranges of the hair. To get the perfect outcomes, a coloration extractor must also be used to take away any present hair dye. “It’s really a case by case situation. But, if you’ve colored your hair dark previously, the color might have to be stripped and then the hair highlighted,” says de Souza.


“Going from dark to light is probably the most damaging thing you can do to your hair,” says celeb colorist Aura Friedman. “That is why I use K18 Professional Molecular Repair Mist for a huge process like dying your hair blonde. After we’ve made a decision of how we’re going to approach the bleaching process, I spray the hair with this mist, section by section. Once I’ve gotten a good and even misting of the hair, I wait four minutes and then I start applying my bleach.After achieving my desired tone, I then proceed with the K18 Hair Mask ($75) and I recommend that the client follow up and use it at home to help keep their hair strong. What I’ve noticed  most since I’ve been using these products is that hair stays thicker and grows longer with less breakage, even after bleaching.” 

When going from darkish to mild, Lee likes to use a protecting in-salon therapy from her personal model: IN COMMON Crystal Cashmere. “We recommend taking your time and doing it in multiple sessions if need be. Keeping the hair healthy throughout the process is so important for a beautiful end result!”

Subtle Progression

If you’re OK with a really slight development—like how Khloé Kardashian step by step acquired lighter—begin off with highlights and work your method up the colour spectrum to extra of a rooted blond coloration.


Once you’ve achieved your lighter shade of pale, touch-ups (they are often each 4 to 12 weeks relying on how briskly your hair grows) and at-home upkeep are essential. At residence, be sure to wash with blue- and purple-toned shampoos—de Souza likes Joico Color Balance, which helps tone the hair—to knock out any brassiness and maintain your coloration trying recent. Glosses each month or so are additionally key for protecting your lighter hair trying its greatest. 

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