The Joy of Being Jenna Dewan

It’s been nearly 25 years since Jenna Dewan arrived in Hollywood—or, extra precisely, the Hollywood-adjacent, University of Southern California—with a singular aim: to bop professionally.

To say dancing was a ardour is correct, to explain it as a lifeline isn’t off-base both: Her dad and mom break up when she was a yr previous, lots of shifting round from metropolis to metropolis adopted, her mother enrolled her into lessons whereas she was in kindergarten, and the exercise turned, as she describes it, “her constant.” When a expertise scout informed her as a teen that, if she might get herself to Los Angeles, the roles would comply with, she utilized to each faculty that was remotely inside driving distance.

The name got here rapidly, and it was from none aside from Janet—as in, Ms. Jackson. She was seeking to rent Dewan as a backup dancer for her “Doesn’t Really Matter” video; a spot on her 2001 “All for You” tour got here shortly after.

“She is my touchpoint, she is the start of my everything, she is the start of my whole career,” Dewan tells me quietly over the telephone. “I owe her so much. It was such a specific dream of mine when I was a kid. To have had that experience so young…it’s overwhelming when I think about it. I’m still in awe of it all.”

A number of days earlier, the 41-year-old mother of two insisted on having Jackson play on repeat and was equally as persistent that everybody on set on the shoot go house and tune in instantly to the pop icon’s documentary that debuted the night time prior. (She was additionally semi selfconscious about her almost-automatic dance-response to toe-point throughout each photograph.)

Her longtime rep, Jeff, tells me that he has her playlist on his telephone, they usually by no means enterprise too removed from it. He additionally tells me that, when it’s time for the interview, nothing is off limits, however there’s far more to the star than that divorce from Channing Tatum. And there’s additionally actually nothing else fascinating to say about it.

She has moved on, she’s engaged and wildly in love with actor Steve Kazee, they usually have a 2-year-old son, Callum. (She additionally has 8-year-old daughter, Evie, with whom she shares with Tatum.) Dancing continues to be vital—she’ll function a decide on CBS’ Come Dance With Me, produced by LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, premiering in April—as are starring roles in ABC’s The Rookie and CW’s Superman and Lois. Then there may be the not-so-shabby aspect gig of having her enterprise, Everheart Productions, tapped to supply two Lifetime movies this spring (she’ll star in these, too).

And nobody is as shocked as Dewan: “I feel very in awe of the course my life has taken. A lot of it, I could have never guessed would happen, and that excites me because it makes me feel like, ‘Well, I didn’t see that one coming!’ Imagine what else I haven’t seen coming that could be even grander than what I ever could imagine.”

What’s it like wanting again at your life to date?

“I think it’s good for me, and for everyone, to have these moments in life that you refer back to. Those moments where you can stop and say, ‘That’s where the dream manifested.’ When you feel down about things, you can take a minute to look at the dream. That is a possibility, as well as all the other things we go through.”

It’s good to have these moments in life that you simply refer again to.

What would you want to inform the “teenage you” heading off to California for the primary time?

“Soak it all in! Take the time to really take in what is happening to you in the present moment. It was so exciting in my younger years; I was so young and there were so many experiences that were incredible, but I feel like I wasn’t as present for all of it as I should have been. To really just let go, have fun, and to not worry so much. It all works out, and it’s even better than you could imagine. Speak your truth, say no when you must, and don’t worry so much. There is a lot of worry at times, and I know that goes for everyone, but everything works out. It always does.”

It looks like it’s all figuring out for you. You appear actually glad on social media.

“I always say that social media is a highlight reel, but I do like to share! It’s part of my life and I enjoy that part of it. But there are also so many things I keep to myself. There are a lot of moments I have as a mother that are just for me. There are a lot of moments with my partner that we’re choosing not to put on social media. Sometimes, I share the challenges, and sometimes I go through the challenges by myself. Sometimes, I don’t feel like sharing. Then, other times, I’m so in the moment with my kids, and we’re doing something really fun, that I completely forget I even have a phone. I’d say I am a pretty open person, in general, but I’m also not sharing everything.”

You’ve been open about your anxiousness and general psychological well being, particularly in coping with postpartum. What is working for you now?

“Over the previous couple of years, all of us needed to pull out each device we knew to remain balanced, discover pleasure and undergo some onerous instances. That’s actually what it’s. I take a look at it like a toolbox I’ve; I do know sure habits and rituals I can do this assist me launch anxiousness and really feel the enjoyment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. There’s not one factor I can do, however I do know a number of issues that assist me.

I assume I’m simply grateful to remain within the movement, to nonetheless be within the movement, so to talk.

One of them is unquestionably self-care, which is principally doing something that makes me really feel higher about myself. A soothing tub with sea salt, a self-care ritual, my magnificence rituals…issues like that actually raise my temper. So does the embodiment stuff—something that will get me out of my head and into my physique. Working out, dancing, going for a hike, taking the canines for a stroll, getting outdoors.

I do know, unquestionably, that when my anxiousness is excessive, I’m not doing something to serve my physique. There is a transparent direct hyperlink for me. Anything embodiment appears to assist with my anxiousness—so does breathwork. Sometimes, it’s one thing so simple as dancing, placing music on and shifting, swimming, something that’s bodily actually helps.”

What’s subsequent?

“I’m very excited about my production company. It’s been a big focus for me to expand a little bit into creating in all different ways, and to create this company that I’ve had this dream of forever. We’re really, really close and have a lot of amazing projects in the works. I’m excited for that. That’s been a huge focus of mine. I love that I’m in LA as much as I am at the moment. I’m loving getting all this time grounding at home with family, and yet also incredible work projects. I feel grateful because things are all coming together, and that makes me feel extremely fulfilled. I know that these are all just moments in life—it’s not every day and it won’t be every year that we’re going to have this feeling. I am wise enough to acknowledge when that good stuff is happening, and to be grateful for it. I guess I’m just grateful to stay in the flow, to still be in the flow, so to speak. It’s a good feeling.”



“I am a total beauty junkie, and I’ve always called myself a frustrated aesthetician. If there’s an oil, I’ve tried it. If there’s a facial, I’ve done it. I love all that kind of stuff.”


“Lately, I have been really into radio-frequency facials, especially with Ivan Pol. They really lift!”


“I started going back to the basics. There’s this brand, Rosen, that has a moisturizer with niacin, and it has sunscreen, too! It’s so brightening for the face, and it’s also all-in-one, which I love as a mom. Sometimes, I need to wake up, wash my face, and just have one product to throw on. So that’s my back to my basics: Cleanse, some sort of exfoliation, retinol and oil.”


“I love a face oil; I usually look for something with rosehip or argan oil. My skin is dry, and those kinds of oils save me.”


“I guess my more ‘extreme’ thing I’ve been doing lately is the red light. I have this red light that I put right on my vanity table, right in my bathroom. When I have the time to get ready and put on makeup, I turn on this light, and it makes me feel so good and relaxed and energized. At the same time, it’s good for collagen, anti-aging and going deep into the layers of skin—all that wonderful stuff. That’s been the wackiest thing I’ve been doing lately. I get a lot of funny looks from Steve when he sees the red light; I told him not to even ask what’s going on. That’s what I’m into now.”


“I never go to bed without washing my face. Even on my wildest nights, I’m washing my face. I always cleanse, and I’m pretty good about applying my retinol pads that I get from Dr. Lancer—I love those. Even if I’m filming and it’s 4 a.m. in the morning and we just wrapped, I’ll cleanse, follow up with the retinol pad, and apply some moisturizer. Those are my basics.”

Photography by Dennis Leupold; Makeup: Tonya Brewer at Dew Beauty Agency; Hair: Ricky Mota at Mane Addicts; Nails: Zola Ganzorigt at The Wall Group; Styling: Brad Goreski

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