The Beauty Product Cameron Diaz Says Is ‘Folklore’

A Drew Barrymore–designed air-fryer, a brilliant fancy, tremendous luxe turquoise knife, and a travel-approved sea salt tin are simply a few of Cameron Diaz’s “can’t-live-without-them” objects, in line with her newest interview with The Strategist, which additionally lined the 49-year-old star’s always-pressing beauty-and-makeup musts.

“I like a good exfoliation, but not if it’s too harsh or drying,” Diaz stated about her solely skin-care hit on the listing the Gwyneth-approved Goopglow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator. What I like about this, is it’s extra light however nonetheless offers me a glow. I both do a fast scrub and wash it proper off or slather it on and go away it for a couple of minutes to essentially break grime down. Either approach, my pores and skin feels refreshed after.”

Making the make-up listing—and, concurrently, the “only two makeup products” Diaz says she makes use of: Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick (which she praised for its “dewy sheen…a true glistening of your own skin”) and Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick.

“This lipstick and the Westman Atelier highlighter really are the only two makeup products I use. I love a plummy color, so I use berry brown or soft berry day-to-day. Occasionally, I’ll wear the orange-red shade. I have a terrible habit of licking my lipstick off, so nothing ever stays on my lips through the day. Actually, I don’t know any woman who can keep their lipstick on throughout the day. I think that’s folklore. But it makes me feel better that this lipstick is clean since I’m reapplying it so much.”