The Aesthetic Procedures That Helped Me Restore My Body After Massive Weight Loss

For 35-year-old single mom Jessica, the transformational journey that led to her more-confident self actually began after dropping greater than 200 kilos. “As I began losing the weight, I started to notice that my skin was sagging terribly and nothing would remove it. I felt defeated and unfulfilled that I did all this work, and I still didn’t look how I thought I was going to look.”

After weight reduction, she discovered that the surplus pores and skin that was left behind was extra of a focus than the progress she had made in bettering her way of life and attending to a more healthy place. “I was working really hard by dieting 100 percent and working out 100 percent. My goal wasn’t to look voluptuous like a pinup, it was to restore the damage that I did to my body.” In order to revive her physique, Jessica determined to bear a collection of aesthetic procedures to take away extra pores and skin and fats from numerous components of the physique and get again to a spot the place she felt like her outsides matched how she felt inside.

Restoring the Body

To get the outcomes she desired, Jessica elected to bear a tummy tuck, breast elevate with implants, a butt elevate, a thigh elevate, and an arm elevate. According to Dr. Melinda Haws, president-elect of The Aesthetic Society, sufferers who’ve misplaced a big quantity of weight will see adjustments all around the physique, which requires a personalised plan that features a number of procedures. “In the case of weight loss patients, they have usually done a lot of work to lose the extra weight but are frustrated by the extra hanging skin that puddles up in their clothes and keeps them from wearing the correct size. It’s mentally exhausting to go to the trouble of losing the weight, and your skin looks worse,” she explains. “It is so rewarding as a plastic surgeon to help patients reveal their new, true bodies that are hiding under the extra folds of skin.”

The First Step: Finding the Right Surgeon

When Jessica selected her plastic surgeon, Babis Rammos, MD, in Peoria, IL, her first standards was that her physician be a board-certified doctor. “He is double board certified. He had to prove that he knew what he was doing and that he was a safe doctor in order to get those certifications. You can’t just pay for them.”

“When looking for a body contouring plastic surgeon, you first want to make sure they are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery,” shares Dr. Haws. “That guarantees a certain level of training and expertise. Then look to see if they are a member of The Aesthetic Society. This ensures the highest level of aesthetic skill, as well as an unparalleled commitment to patient safety.”

Maintaining Realistic Expectations

Knowing what to anticipate is the important thing to the very best outcomes, says Dr. Haws. “Surgery after weight loss won’t restore the skin to its original ‘pre-stretched’ quality,” she says. “If you developed lots of stretch marks with weight gain, there will usually be some left even after we remove the extra skin. The remaining skin won’t be the same quality as someone who never gained extra weight, it still may be extra ‘stretchy.’” Scars are additionally to be anticipated, says Dr. Haws, however for a lot of weight reduction sufferers, they’re a small tradeoff for his or her regained confidence.

A Major Boost

After her surgical procedures, Jessica says feeling snug in her personal pores and skin has led to many constructive adjustments in her life. In addition to getting a promotion at work, she says she’s additionally happy with the influence her newfound confidence has had on her household. “Mentally, I knew this was something that was important to make me feel better about myself and to be the best mom I can be,” she shares. “I also feel like I set good examples for my kids on being hardworking, going for what you want and not limiting yourself. I’m confident in the way I look, but I’m also confident about my skills.”

Learn More

Watch Jessica’s story and study extra about her expertise in The Aesthetic Society’s docuseries, “Beyond The Before & After,” supported by Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie firm.

To study extra about aesthetic process choices and to discover a surgeon close to you, go to

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