The 6 Best—and Worst—Ingredients to Use If You Have Oily Skin

Use: salicylic acid

According to Dr. Russak, the most well-liked acid for greasy pores and skin is salicylic acid, and it’s for good purpose. “Salicylic acid can break down blackheads and whiteheads and keep acne at bay, which most oily skin types experience,” says Dr. Russak. “Salicylic acid softens and exfoliates the skin, cleans out the pores and reduces inflammation, which will, in turn, help the skin balance itself and reduce the appearance of oily and inflamed skin.”

Charlotte, NC dermatologists Gilly Munavalli, MD and Hayley Leight-Dunn, MD say this beta-hydroxy acid may be present in all types in skin-care merchandise, together with washes, toners, chemical peels, masks, serums and lotions. Fort Lauderdale, FL dermatologist Dr. Matthew Elias notes {that a} cleanser that includes salicylic acid ought to be a go-to product for somebody with oily pores and skin. Some of his favorites embrace Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash ($7) and (*6*) ($42).

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