‘Smoke-Proofing’ Skin Care Is Here

According to Congressional Research Service, there have been a mean of 62,805 wildfires yearly from 2011 to 2020, and founding father of climate-smart skin-care model Pour Moi, Ulli Haslacher, says they injury the pores and skin greater than we predict. But, she has an answer.

“Medical research has found that smoke is hugely inflaming your skin, which eventually leads to premature aging, damaged skin on the surface and an irritated skin barrier,” Haslacher tells us. To fight this, the model is launching Smoke Alarm Drops ($45), that are 100-percent clinically confirmed to to stop pores and skin injury brought on by smoke.

“This is the first product that smoke-proofs your skin,” she continues. “The wildfires are in California are raging now, and they get into our stratosphere and come down everywhere throughout the United States and Europe. When a wildfire is raging, your skin is hugely at risk.”

To use this the product, Haslacher recommends including a number of drops into your facial moisturizer or sunscreen each time there’s a wildfire or a poor air high quality alert. “We did a scientific study with an independent, very well-regarded laboratory in Europe, and we found that it works 100-percent on the dermis and 100-percent on the epidermis. In today’s time, nothing works 100-percent of the time, but we can actually make this claim. So, it is an anti-inflammatory shield that blocks the skin and catches all the particles from the air.”

To create the method, the model used a mix of hyaluronic acid, glycerin and MossCellTech, a stem cell from a fire-proof moss. Also included: the first-ever encapsulated CBD and shielding Swiss pine bark. “Think of this as a non-sticky spiderweb that covers your skin.”

Also launching this month is Rain Drops ($45), which struggle dehydration attributable to lack of humidity (in case you fly rather a lot, this one’s for you!). “Your skin can dry out due to the air pressure and the dryness in the airplane or in climate-controlled buildings, so a few drops of these in your moisturizer or hydrating products will keep your skin moisturized from the outside-in,” she says. “You can put it over your makeup, and it’s perfect for the times where you need an extra hydrating boost.”

“These drops provide a weather-proof shield for a specific time or situation, almost like using an umbrella here and there for rain,” saysHaslacher. “You don’t bring it with you every day, but it protects you when you need it the most.”

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