OBGYNs Say This New Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Is a Game Changer

In 2018, the FDA warned towards having vaginal rejuvenation treatments for bettering situations like urinary incontinence, signs of menopause and sexual operate, stating that there have been “numerous” studies of antagonistic unintended effects comparable to vaginal burns and scarring. Some units have been cleared for different makes use of, together with the the therapy of genital warts and precancerous tissue, however any of them that made claims outdoors these parameters have been compelled to reevaluate their messaging. Hence, the “VR” house, as I prefer to name it, appeared to go quiet for a number of years, regardless of many medical doctors—from OBGYNs to dermatologists—advocating the necessity for them in assist of girls’s sexual health and wellness.

Now, BTL (creators of cult-favorite muscle toner Emsculpt) is reigniting the VR dialog with the introduction of its new ENFEMME 360 machine, a radio-frequency therapy that heats vaginal tissue to each tighten and enhance its high quality. According to the machine’s FDA 510k clearance, it has the “purpose of elevating tissue temperature for selected medical conditions such as temporary relief of pain, muscle spasms and increase in local circulation.” These results lend themselves nicely to the therapy of vaginal laxity after childbirth to enhance sexual operate and signs related to Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM), although BTL isn’t FDA-indicated for these issues.

How it Works

In one eight-minute session, “EMFEMME 360 uniformly delivers radio-frequency energy to the entire inner circumference of the treated area via an internal probe that provides 360-degree treatment of the vaginal wall,” says Houston OBGYN Kimberly Evans, MD, noting that there are two totally different sizes of probes relying on the affected person’s anatomy, and to make sure consolation. A 3rd, smaller probe can be utilized for “externally focused treatments,” aka bettering the tissue high quality of the vulva. “Additionally, the probes are single-use for each patient, so there’s no worry about cross-contamination or anything like that,” Dr. Evans provides.

In a 2022 article in The Aesthetic Guide, therapies are described as bettering vaginal moisture and sensation, lowering discomfort and inner tissue laxity, and bettering exterior tissue high quality and laxity. “Some women can’t drive to my office without having to stop and use the bathroom,” says Farmington Hills, MI OBGYN Joseph Berenholz, MD. “They come to me in tears when they can drive distances without incontinence. Return and/or improvement of orgasmic function with improvement in duration and strength drives patient satisfaction upward significantly.”

Safety Measures

Where this innovation differs from a few of its aggressive predecessors, together with BTL’s personal former ULTRA FEMME 360, is that “EMFEMME 360 tracks tissue temperature and impedance, adjusting energy delivery to more uniform and rapidly administered energy that quickly raises and maintains tissue temperature to within that scientifically determined range of 104 to 113 degrees,” Dr. Evans says, including that it additionally displays the size of the therapy. It’s at present the one machine available on the market with this sort of built-in intelligence, making it very fascinating to sufferers who have been as soon as cautious of these kind of therapies for a concern of getting burned. “In the past, I could not tell how hot the vagina was getting, but this allows me to track the temperature and also make sure the patient is comfortable. It’s safer, and there’s also no downtime. I have patients who go home and have sex that same night. Couples are coming back in and high-fiving me, saying they can feel the difference.”

Dr. Berenholz agrees. “With other technologies we are almost treating blindly, using other probes and so forth to monitor temperature and hoping we don’t over- or under-treat,” he says, noting that different energies, comparable to lasers, work, however are extra invasive and have a higher likelihood of inflicting burns or scarring in that delicate and intimate space. “We could do this safely, but efficacy inevitably suffered. With EMFEMME 360 and its Dynamic Impedance Technology (DIT) we are assured that the tissue heating is rapid and maintained continuously and consistently, and automatically adjusted as needed to stabilize and maximize energy delivery. This optimizes the effect on collagen and elastin production. And we are done in eight minutes, which is remarkably faster than anything else on the market.”

So when can we count on the FDA to provide its full approval of this new machine? “To get FDA approval is a very slow process—it can take up to 10 years—but the technology is beautiful and the results are there,” says Dr. Evans. “I’ve been doing this job for 20 years, and I think ENFEMME 360 should be the gold standard, but that’s just my opinion. It’s really groundbreaking and it has the ability to change people’s lives, and couple’s lives, too. And we need more love in this world right now.”

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