Nuts: Superfood or Diet-Ruiner? [Infographic]

In the health and vitamin group, nuts generally is a polarizing subject.

Team Pro-Nuts says:

“Nuts are a nearly perfect food! Full of protein, heart-healthy fats, and hey—stop picking on peanut butter!”

Meanwhile, Team No-Nuts says:

“Nuts are overhyped. They’re not that high in protein, and besides, they’re hard on your digestive system. Plus, watch out for all those calories!”

Both sides have legitimate factors:

Nuts are calorie-dense, and can trigger digestive upset in some.

However, nut consumption is related to higher well being outcomes, and may add mandatory protein to in any other case low-protein diets.

So, how do you (or your purchasers) resolve if YOU ought to embody nuts in your weight loss program—and past that, how a lot, and what type?

In this infographic, we’ll clarify:

  • The well being advantages of nuts
  • How a lot protein varied nuts comprise—and the way they examine to different protein-rich meals
  • What makes some nuts extra digestible
  • When nuts can assist weight reduction, and after they make it too straightforward to overeat
  • And what the heck is the distinction between a nut and a drupe anyway?

This goes to be nuts.

Check out this infographic to study extra about nuts, and when you need to think about including then to—or limiting them from—your weight loss program. (Or, download the file to check with everytime you want it.)

If you’re a coach, or you need to be…

You can assist individuals construct vitamin and life-style habits that enhance their bodily and psychological well being, bolster their immunity, assist them higher handle stress, and get sustainable outcomes. We’ll present you ways.

If you’d prefer to study extra, think about the PN Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification.

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