Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough on the Perfect Party, “Best Friend” SPF and Summer Skin Care

They’re finest pals and coworkers and, for Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough, that’s an equation that equals “being their best” selves. “A lot of people say don’t do business with friends and family, but our experience has proven otherwise,” shares Hough when requested what it’s prefer to work with Dobrev as co-cofounders of Fresh Vine Wine, a less-calorie, gluten-free premium wine model. Besides speaking enterprise, the duo lately sat down with us to talk sunscreen, skin care and the course of.

What is your thought of the excellent summer season celebration?

Nina Dobrev: “Nothing is better than an outdoor pool party, with good music playing, and all your loved ones gathered around…plus, sipping on some Fresh Vine Wine!”

Julianne Hough: “I love to host dinners outside with my group of friends. Being together with our glass (or glasses) of wine and laughing together is truly the best medicine. Fresh Vine Wine is the perfect addition to any gathering!”

Fresh Vine Wine

What makes your wine completely different?

ND: “At Fresh Vine Wine, we bring the best winemaking technique and expertise to deliver a premium lower-calorie, lower-sugar, lower-carb wine, without sacrificing on taste. It’s the perfect wine offering for those looking for a balanced premium wine without compromising on taste, and not feeling like you have a hangover :)”

JH: “We work with our winemaker, Jamey Whetstone, to create thoughtfully crafted wines—we pay close attention to every gram of sugar, calorie, and carb that goes into the process! Nina and I both live such active lifestyles, so we created this wine with the intention of being able to enjoy these shared experiences and the work we put in, without the sacrifice.”

Fresh Vine Wine

What are your favourite sunscreens and skin-care objects for the season?

ND: “Summer is always so kind to me because I get super tan! I like to make sure to apply SPF to my daily routine but go as minimal as possible with makeup. Therabody just came out with an amazing Theraface, that gives me the perfect skin-care routine when washing my face in the morning and evenings.”

JH: “Skin care is everything to me and is always so important, especially in the summer! EltaMD sunscreen is my go-to and has truly become my best friend.”

Fresh Vine Wine

What’s the smartest thing about working with a detailed buddy?

ND: “Literally everything! Starting a wine company with my best friend, traveling together and tasting wine…SIGN US UP! We get to call this work, and sharing these memories alone is invaluable.”

JH: “When you have great communication and a foundation of respect for one another, you get two different perspectives and are able to challenge each other in a way that just helps you be your best self. And that is what’s been incredible about working with Nina.”

Fresh Vine Wine

What’s the worst?

ND: “When the bottle becomes empty…”

JH: “I will agree with Nina, when the wine stops flowing [laughs].”

Fresh Vine Wine

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