Natural Heat Protectant Spray for Hair

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Let’s face it: regardless of how au naturale we’re, most of us nonetheless wish to stroll out of the home with bouncy, gorgeous hair.

Unfortunately, this impact most frequently requires the assistance of damaging heating instruments like blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. If you’re no stranger to those instruments, you in all probability use some form of protectant spray to keep away from warmth harm.

While it’s an amazing thought to guard your strands from hurt, right here’s a greater, pure possibility that doesn’t include harsh chemical compounds.

Heat Spray Chemicals to Avoid

Most business warmth protectant sprays (in addition to shampoos, conditioners, and different cosmetics and wonder merchandise) contain toxic chemicals that may be inhaled or absorbed by means of your pores. Here are a couple of widespread components that may very well be harmful to your well being.

1. Acrylates

Acrylates, or copolymers, are used to create a movie over your hair to alleviate static. They are additionally utilized in nail polish and different hair styling merchandise to advertise “hold.” Unfortunately, they’ve additionally been listed as attainable carcinogens.

2. Quaternium-70

Also known as “quats,” this class of chemical compounds are positively-charged particles that may connect to hair to offer a layer of safety. However, they could not bode effectively for your well being: the EWG lists the favored quat, quaternium-70, as a attainable immunotoxin, and is linked to developmental and reproductive points.

3. Dimethicone

Dimethicone is a kind of silicone typically utilized in cosmetics, together with warmth protectant sprays. Silicones assist present sheen with safety, whereas additionally defending hair shade from warmth. Like quats, nevertheless, dimethicone is classed as dangerous by the Environment Canada Domestic Substance List and is beneficial by the EWG to be restricted in cosmetics.

4. Hydroxypropyl Polysiloxane (Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein)

Interestingly, peptides from wheat protein are additionally widespread in hair styling merchandise. If you’re gluten-free or paleo, it may be vital to keep away from this—despite the fact that a gluten response to those peptides is uncommon. Even so, heavy metals like arsenic have additionally been present in hydrolyzed wheat protein. Studies advocate retaining hydrolyzed wheat protein away out of your nostril, mouth, and any broken pores and skin, which will be tough when you’re spraying a warmth protectant spray so near the place it might by chance be inhaled.

Natural Heat Protectant Ingredients

Fortunately, you don’t have to surrender your heating instruments. Natural, moisturizing oils and important oils may also help cut back static and nourish strands whereas offering a lightweight barrier to warmth. Here’s a breakdown of the components in our do-it-yourself warmth protectant spray—and why they work.

Coconut Oil

We begin with a base of coconut oil on this recipe due to its excessive warmth tolerance. Just like if you’re cooking, when you’re making use of warmth to an oil, you wish to ensure it doesn’t degrade and trigger harm to your physique (or your strands!).

Here’s one other nice purpose to make use of coconut oil in your hair: One of coconut oil’s major fatty acids, lauric acid, can penetrate deep inside your hair shaft to offer deeper safety and moisture. For the identical causes, coconut oil is great for your skincare routine, particularly in case you have rashes or pimples.

Although coconut oil often solidifies at cool temperatures, I haven’t had that concern with this recipe. If you’re involved, strive fractionated coconut oil as a substitute.

Almond Oil

Almond oil additionally stands up effectively in opposition to warmth, which bodes effectively when utilizing objects like curling irons and straighteners. Plus, it incorporates loads of nourishing vitamin E!

Essential Oils

While there are not any direct research displaying important oils can shield hair from warmth particularly, many individuals declare they assist keep your hair and scalp strong and stability oil manufacturing. Studies have discovered that geranium oil, which is included on this recipe, may also help hair develop quicker.

We additionally use clary sage on this mix as a result of it’s reputed to assist strengthen hair and make it extra immune to breakage. Like geranium, research present its linalyl acetate content material could assist enhance hair development.


Natural Heat Protectant Spray

Protect hair from warmth harm with this DIY moisturizing warmth defending spray

Prep Time5 minutes

Active Time5 minutes

Total Time10 minutes

Author: Katie Wells


  • Add half a cup of the water to the spray bottle.

  • Pour within the melted coconut oil, almond oil, and important oils.

  • Shake effectively.

  • Add the remainder of the water and shake once more till totally mixed.

  • Shake the bottle earlier than every use to combine the oils.

  • To use: Spritz the underside half of hair 1-2 instances relying on thickness (not an excessive amount of, because the oils are deeply moisturizing and too many sprays can overly coat your strands!) and work by means of your ends.

  • Style as standard.


Use heat water or the melted coconut oil will solidify. Once mixed with the almond oil, the coconut oil will keep liquid at room temperature.

Other Tips to Strengthen Your Strands

Along with topical safety, you might be able to strengthen your hair from the foundation down by ensuring your food regimen is wealthy in sure vitamins. This can finally assist your hair stand up to warmth and breakage from the within out.

Here are a very powerful nutritional vitamins you must rework brittle hair into robust, shiny locks:

  1. Vitamin A. A vitamin A deficiency can lead to hair loss. Vitamin A helps with the manufacturing of sebum, which helps hold hair moisturized. Eat extra egg yolks and yellow veggies like carrots and pumpkin to maintain your hair trying naturally shiny.
  2. B nutritional vitamins. Similarly, research have linked brittle hair and hair loss to a deficiency in B nutritional vitamins, particularly biotin. Supplement with a B complicated or up your consumption of meats and seafood.
  3. Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for producing collagen, the foremost part that makes up our hair, pores and skin, and nails. Try making bone broth, consuming gelatin, or consider taking a collagen supplement. 
  4. Vitamin D. If you’re low on Vitamin D, you may be dealing with hair loss. Get a wholesome dose of solar publicity every single day. That means simply 10-Quarter-hour with no sunscreen!
  5. Use the proper merchandise. Natural merchandise have a status for not being as efficient, however I got down to change all that! My line of Wellnesse hair products shouldn’t be solely a protected possibility for households, however we designed them to nourish scalp and strands deeply with components which can be like “superfood” for hair.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Galamaga, whois a board-certified inner drugs doctor. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you just speak along with your physician or work with a physician at SteadyMD.

Do you employ a warmth protectant earlier than styling? Will you do this recipe? Let me know what you assume!

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