Natasha Oakley Spills the Beauty Secrets Behind Her Beach Body and Head-to-Toe Glow

The confidence that oozes from Natasha Oakley is contagious. The Australian blogger-turned-entrepreneur—chances are you’ll know her from her A Bikini A Day weblog (it launched 10 years in the past when Tumblr was nonetheless a factor)—has her palms in a number of companies, an eye fixed for magnificence developments, and is aware of her means round just about each main seaside in the world. Here, Oakley dishes on how she maintains her well-known bikini bod—it’s helped domesticate her 2.7 million Instagram followers—the merchandise she depends on for radiant pores and skin, and extra.

What does your skin-care routine seem like as of late?

“My skin-care routine as of late is based totally on hydration. I’ve been loving incorporating oils—I like Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow—and serums into my routine, particularly at nighttime, to realize actually hydrated and dewy pores and skin. I’ve even began incorporating oils into my make-up routine by mixing them in with my basis or making use of them earlier than beginning my make-up routine. This has been game-changing for reaching the dewy look. 

I’ve additionally been large on my face rollers, like Herbivore Jade Roller, particularly in the morning. I like to ensure my face is getting sufficient blood circulation by each figuring out repeatedly and stimulating the blood circulate to my face utilizing instruments similar to jade rollers. I do know there are blended critiques for the effectiveness of those instruments, however for me, they’re meditative and a type of self-love. 

For merchandise, I’ve all the time been loyal to a handful of merchandise that I’ve on repeat and have been utilizing for years, however I do prefer to attempt new merchandise, particularly serums and oils. This works out tremendous since I don’t have delicate pores and skin, however in the event you do, I’d look into the elements of a product earlier than incorporating it into your routine.”

Which magnificence developments are in your radar proper now?

“I have always been into natural, minimalistic makeup. I hate to admit it, but I’m not a huge fan of the ’90s, glitter-inspired makeup trends that have been really popular lately. I think it is fun, but I personally tend to favor natural, dewy, glowy makeup looks. I’ve also recently purchased a Dyson Airwrap, and it’s all the hype. I’ve been loving the tool to achieve a ’90s blowout look. It definitely takes a bit of practice to master, but once you’ve figured out how to use it, it’s life-changing.”

I do know you’re keen on the seaside, however are any merchandise to credit score to your wonderful glow? 

“At the moment, my tan is entirely thanks to Mother Nature. I use a ton of SPF and stay as safe as possible when I’m in the sun, but owning a swimwear line, Monday Swimwear, and shooting for the brand, has required me to be at the beach quite a bit. During the off-season I use self-tanners or body oils to keep the shimmer alive. My favorites are Ouai Rose Body Oil and Elle Effect. There are so many great ones on the market and they are ultimately the safest way to achieve a nice glow!”

What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to observe proper now?

“I’ve greater than three!
@Jamilla.strand: I actually love her vibe and fashion. She can also be attractive and has a well-curated feed.

@Annarvitiello: Anna is one among my shut mates and is big in the vogue world. Her feed is admittedly fashion-forward and she has wonderful fashion, so following her may be very inspirational. 

@_yumi_nu: Yumi is attractive and doing wonderful issues in the modeling business. I like the whole lot she’s undertaking at the second and following her provides me a firsthand look into her world, which is enjoyable. 

@jenatkinhair: Jen is only a boss! She is so on it along with her manufacturers, but additionally very relatable and actual on her Instagram, so following her is admittedly refreshing.” 

Is The Pilates Class your go-to for health? I would like all the particulars behind these curves!

 The Pilates Class has been my go-to since its launch. I’m a religious Pilates Class member and do the classes at least four to five times per week. The entire technique is based on elongating the body and toning, so it definitely helps me look my best. The platform has so many different classes for every level, so it’s not intimidating for new members and always easy to pick back up if you get off track. The other upside is that all classes are led by Jacqui Kingswell, who has the most soothing yet motivating tone and is an absolutely amazing instructor.” 

What about eating regimen? Do you eat clear all the time?

“Diet is huge for me. I see each meal as an opportunity to nourish and fuel my body. I try to eat clean and balanced. For me, this means incorporating as many fruits, vegetables and grains into each meal, and avoiding processed foods. I also try to eat vegan as much as possible. I played a contributing role in the making of Nourish Me—The Pilates Class’s digital cookbook—so a lot of my go-to meals can be found in that book. With all this being said, I do consider myself a foodie and don’t like to restrict myself. I definitely enjoy snacking, eating pastas and cheeses in moderation.”

Let’s discuss wellness. What do you do for some Zen?

“I am a huge lover of baths, and I take one almost every night. Baths are my time for meditation and to calm and reground myself. Aside from my baths, I’m really big on my sleep. I have a pretty strict sleep cycle, so I try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. I’m really happy that there is so much awareness of the importance of sleep because this is the ultimate form of wellness. Overall, I like to live a balanced life by eating balanced meals, balancing work with fun/play, and being conscious and intentional of keeping my brain healthy.” 

What tasks are you engaged on proper now that you simply’re enthusiastic about?

“I’ve recently come on as an investor for a jewelry brand called Emma Pills. This is my most exciting project at this time. The brand was started by a really enthusiastic and savvy Gen-Zer, Emma Pillemer, and her family. They are so excited about life and the brand that it’s contagious. Jewelry is an entirely new category for me, so there’s been a bit of a learning curve. I’m the type of person who enjoys learning, so it’s been fun. Emma Pills is loved by a younger audience and the marketing is more vibrant and lively. The branding is totally different from Monday Swimwear or any other brand I am a part of, so it’s been inspiring to get creative with it.”

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