NanoSteamer-Argus Le Handy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Review


NanoSteamer-Argus Le Handy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Review

The benefits of using a face steamer are good enough to give them a try. When your face is exposed to steam, the pores in your skin open up, allowing the oil and dirt that have settled down deep to come up to the surface and be cleansed.

When using the correct steamer daily for a couple of minutes, your facial skin will improve, as the treatments will make it look lighter, soft, moist and healthy as it has never been before.

This NanoStreamer facial steamer is one of many on the market, and is offered by the well-established brand Argus Le that sells electrical appliances that include not only skin care and beauty products, but outdoor and recreation items as well.

The brand has several facial cleansing devices available for purchase, but their facial steamer stands out for having an innovative, yet simple technology that cleans, detoxifies, moisturizes, lightens and unclogs pores of the skin face, just by using it up to 10 minutes a day.

The facial steamer has an advanced PTC ceramic heating element that vaporizes distilled water while also producing a nano steam of negatively charged ionic particles that are good for the skin’s health and improves its general cleanness.

However, does the NanoSteamer really do what it says it does? We will be listing its features, and pros and cons to help you deduce that for yourself and buy it if it is the product that you are looking for.


  • The package comes with facial steamer that turns clean water into micro-fine particles that produce a powerful and consistent mist by heating the water in a ceramic component in less than one minute
  • The steaming mist offers a facial treatment that opens and unclogs pores, removes dirt, oil and makeup, kills bacteria, melts dead skin, detoxifies skin, cleans follicles, and reduces nasal and sinus congestion
  • The steamer comes with a unique essential oil and steaming herb box attached that allows you to insert organic botanical blends, like dried flowers, or cotton pads filled with milk or oils. These additions will then be steamed with the water, allowing the treatment have to provide greater results
  • The power button is touch sensitive (no pressure needed)
  • The whole treatment uses 60ml of water and lasts 8 to 10 minutes of a 40°C steaming mist
  • The main unit comes with a power cord that fits in its own compartment.
  • The product offers a 1-month free trial, and a 2-year warranty. It is refundable if you are not content with the purchase


  • The facial steamer is not only good for the skin but it also humidifies the room, and, if you add essential oils, it also functions as an aroma diffuser
  • The hot mist steam promotes regeneration of collagen that softens your skin
  • The steam helps a great deal in soothing nasal cavities and reducing congestion
  • The price once might have been a bit too expensive, but has been on sale for a while now, making it quite affordable
  • Little cleaning required. When it does, steaming lemonade will do
  • It has a handle that allows you to move it while it’s hot
  • The NanoSteamer works well not only with water but also with apple cider vinegar, which is a great cleanser
  • The essential oil pollen box is also a great feature that makes the treatment more fun: you can choose between essential oils, milk and dried flowers and herbs to optimize the steaming session
  • It takes only 40 seconds to heat the water
  • It’s a small product that releases a whole lot of consistent steam


  • The steamer’s main unit can get very hot while its working, requiring care while handling it
  • It does not have an automatic system. This means that you will have to stop it once 40 seconds have passed and the water is hot, and also power it off when you notice it has run out of water
  • The power cord is short, sometimes does not stay plugged into the unit, and it does not fit properly in its designated compartment, which can be a problem when putting the device away


In conclusion, is the NanoSteamer worth its price? Absolutely yes. It is an affordable product that steams a great amount of water, helping the skin on your face stay clean and moist all the time.  The unit is compact and the ceramic heating system works great.

Also, the essential oil box allows you to customize your treatments according to the aromas you want that day.

Finally, although the product might present cord issues (the power cord might not stay plugged in), the brand has such a great customer service that they will get back to you quite quickly and replace the product with a new unit if necessary.

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