Micro Channeling Is the Next Generation of Microneedling

Micro channeling is one of the hottest trending non-surgical skin-enhancing procedures. While it’s just like microneedling, it has notable and essential variations. At the Aesthetic Meeting in April, micro channeling was dubbed a “hot topic.” After attending a session on the advantages of the remedy and watching medical doctors learn to use the software, I needed to study extra about this new wave of skin-improving expertise. I turned to specialists to elucidate how micro channeling is completely different from microneedling, what its advantages are and who is likely to be a great candidate for it.

What is micro channeling?

To put it merely, New Orleans, Louisiana dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD explains that micro channeling entails “making controlled needle channels into the skin for improved penetration of topicals or PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections) and/or to cause micro-injuries to stimulate wound repair (resulting in new collagen).”

What is the distinction between micro channeling and microneedling?

“Micro channeling is basically a different style of microneedling [with a] different technique and device,” says Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD. “The procedure of microneedling involves taking a roller with multiple sharp fine points and rolling it across the skin. Some systems use a different structure and actually drag the sharp tiny needles across the skin creating almost little channels. In contrast, the term micro channels refer to a different device that uses a plate that contains these tiny needles that are used to stamp the skin creating micro-injury to the skin through the formation of vertical channels.”

Some main variations to notice between micro channeling and microneedling is that with micro channeling, the channels are “more vertical into the dermis,” and the wounds are extra uniform in measurement and extra superficial, notes Dr. Shamban. Dr. Lupo says micro channeling is normally carried out at .25 millimeters whereas microneedling is usually 1-3 millimeters.

“Microneedling and derma rolling injure the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, thus rejuvenating skin,” explains Omaha, NE dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD. “Micro channeling takes that a step further and uses a sterile, one-time-use device.”

Additionally, as its identify applies, micro channeling affords the “ability to ‘channel’ fluids into the skin as the needles are hollow tubes that allow transfer of products into the skin, much as a regular ‘needle’ would do,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

The advantages of micro channeling versus microneedling

According to Dr. Schlessinger, one of the greatest advantages of micro channeling is that it helps boost collagen and elastin manufacturing in the pores and skin. Other advantages he notes embrace enhancing tough texture, large pores, superficial pimples and uninteresting pores and skin. “Both procedures allow the delivery of active ingredients deeper into the skin when applied immediately after the procedure,” says Dr. Shamban. 

Where micro channeling has a leg up is that, in idea, it’s much less traumatic to the pores and skin than microneedling, so it ends in much less irritation, says Dr. Shamban. While traditional curler strategies are rolled in opposition to the pores and skin, which can lead to micro-tears, Dr. Schlessinger factors out that micro channeling is “administered in a completely different way. It’s applied perpendicular to the skin, much like a ‘stamp,’ which prevents bleeding and micro-tears.”

Micro channeling has a faster restoration interval

Micro channeling might be mixed with different therapies. For instance, Dr. Schlessinger likes to make use of it with hyaluronic acid fillers or Botox Cosmetic, however in the event you’re simply getting micro channeling carried out, there’s virtually zero downtime. “It requires no numbing, and there will be little to no blood, just redness after,” says Dr. Lupo. “Wiht microneedling, you look like raw meat for an hour or so and must have a topical anesthetic to tolerate.”

What ought to a affected person anticipate throughout a micro channeling appointment?

Dr. Shamban says as soon as the pores and skin is cleansed, the physician will start the remedy. In Dr. Schlessinger’s observe, the gadget is utilized to the remedy space for about half-hour. During this time, tiny needles penetrate the pores and skin and infuse the chosen serum into the pores and skin.

Who is an effective candidate for micro channeling?

Dr. Shamban says micro channeling is very nice for sufferers with “fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars or dull skin.” However, Dr. Lupo notes that sufferers with an lively inflammatory pores and skin situation at the web site, corresponding to rosacea, active eczema, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, ought to keep away from the remedy. Talk together with your dermatologist earlier than getting the remedy about whether or not it’s proper to your pores and skin.

Micro channeling aftercare ideas

Since there’s nearly no downtime, there’s not a ton of aftercare that should occur. Following a micro channeling remedy, Dr. Shamban says you shouldn’t wash your face for six hours or apply something to your face for 2 hours, together with sunscreen or skincare merchandise. “No exfoliation or sun for seven days, no makeup for a day, and avoid strenuous exercise for a couple of days,” advises Dr. Shamban.

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