Lorac Natural Performance Foundation Review: Worth Buying?

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation: QUICK OVERVIEW


Integrity/Longlasting Wear


Value for Money

What We Like

  • Flawless coverage
  • Oil, fragrance, and paraben free
  • Botanical actives
  • Soothes, protects, and nourishes sensitive skin

What We Like

  • Change in ingredients
  • Higher levels of papaya extract
  • Higher levels of lemon extract
  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin

Finding the right foundation is a pretty big deal. Whether light or heavy, foundation is something that most women wear on a daily basis.

Lorac’s brand does not disappoint. With a variety of beautiful skin colors and a focus on healthy skin-loving ingredients, Carol Shaw has truly created an accessible formula that will have you feeling like the stars.

Having been around for over 20 years, we expect nothing but the best from this professional celebrity makeup artist and high-end brand.

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation Review

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation, NP3...

Natural Performance Foundation by Lorac brand truly reflects the luxurious brand’s mission: to put care before color, but never sacrificing either.

Lorac has been a Hollywood favorite for over 20 years, developing a range of high-end luminizing lotions, skin perfecting powders, and seasonal color collections inspired by business owner Carol Shaw’s celebrity red carpet makeup looks. 

Lorac’s treatment-based makeup is truly unique, containing a range of conditioners, skin rejuvenators, emollients, and plant extracts while leaving out unwanted fragrances, oils, and other harmful ingredients.

Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation recently made a change to their order of ingredients changing many expert and consumer ratings around the matter from “best” to “average.”

Papaya extract and lemon extract, both of which are potential irritants, are now ranked higher on the Natural Performance Foundation’s ingredient list and in greater amounts. 

Who is this product for?

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation, NP3...

As a professional makeup artist, Lorac designed her brand around red carpet celebrity makeup looks. However, although the brand is considered high-end, it fulfills Shaw’s dream of designing accessible makeup that makes you look and feel just like the stars do, without making you feel like you are wearing much at all.

The Natural Performance Foundation was designed to meet the needs of all women, as an accessible, flawless foundation for everyday wear. The foundation claims to meet the needs of dry, to normal, and oily skins.

However, the recent change in ingredients means that we no longer recommend for use for those with skin sensitivities.

Otherwise, if you are looking for effortless all-day coverage, then Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation is a great choice for you. 

What’s included

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation, NP3...

Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation comes packaged in a beautiful high-quality black box. Inside you will find a sleek 3.2 ounce clear and black glass bottle. The clear glass gives you a glimpse inside the skin savvy formulation.

A simple twist of the black lid reveals the product’s easy-application pump. As a standard, most foundations don’t come with a makeup applicator, although a beauty sponge or brush is recommended for the smoothest coverage.

Overview of features

Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation is a medium-coverage foundation available in a range of beautiful light to dark skin tone colors. It’s satin finish renders a more semi-matte than dewy look, best suited for slightly dry, normal, and slightly oily skin.

The foundation presents itself as a triple platinum system with three primary soothing natural ingredients: vitamin A, premier olive leaf extract, and xyleine.

Although these ingredients are incredibly soothing, we still air on the side of caution for those with sensitive skin due to the change in ingredients. The product is a completely fragrance-free, paraben-free, and oil-free formula. 


Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation blends beautifully and wears well. However, you will need to set it with pressed or loosed powerful in oily areas.

The Lorac brand has always represented itself to the world has a high-end beauty product focused on the needs of healthy women’s skin care. We inherently agree, that their products contain ingredients most sought after in a beauty product.

Furthermore, the brand leaves out harmful toxins, fragrances, and oils, promoting skin health and beauty.

If you are searching for an everyday foundation for non-sensitive skin, then Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation is quality option. 

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