Julianne Moore Shares Her Philosophy On Aging

For famend actress, Julianne Moore, almost 4 many years within the highlight has compelled her to do a number of serious about what getting older will imply for her and her profession. Though mainstream media has turned growing old into the enemy, Moore sat down with the Wall Street Journal to share how she fostered a wholesome relationship to aging all through her years within the highlight.

“People have talked to me about aging for as long as I’ve been in the business,” the 61-year-old star tells WSJ. Despite the years of “warning” about growing old, Moore explains that she believes “this idea that it’s something we have control over, or that there’s a good or bad way to do it, is simply not true. I actually think that when we really do feel aging is when we see it in relation to how much life we’ve lived.”

Talking all issues life, magnificence and vogue together with her 20-year-old daughter, Liv Freundlich, is a technique that Moore stays younger. Despite their various tastes, Moore and her daughter “comment on each other’s clothes all the time and talk about fashion”, she tells WSJ. Though the pair won’t be sharing garments, Moore spilled that Liv is responsible of stealing her magnificence necessities every now and then “It really is funny having a daughter who’s like, ‘Mom, do you have any makeup remover? Mom, where’s your mascara? Mom, where’s your face wash?’” she jokes. “I’ve noticed all this stuff that’s migrated to her bathroom.”

Taking their love of magnificence to a brand new stage, the mom daughter duo is now working collectively to go the “We Glow” marketing campaign for Hourglass Cosmetics. Moore shares that taking pictures the marketing campaign together with her daughter “felt incredibly personal.” Reflecting on her personal growing old and that of her maturing daughter, she explains that she loves working with Liv since “she’s at the bottom end of what it is to be a young woman” and “she’s just coming into her consciousness as an adult.”

Despite her constructive view on growing old, Moore does nonetheless have her every day cures for feeling and looking youthful and radiant. “The first thing I do [after waking up] is drink two big glasses of water with chlorophyll in it,” she reveals “Someone told me a long time ago that it was really good for your skin, so I’ve always done it.” Moore has been loving chlorophyll water for a while now.

As she informed us in NewBeauty’s Fall 2015 cowl interview, placing the pure algae in her water is essential to kickstarting her morning: “I’m still not totally sure what it is or what it does but I think it is working for me,” she informed us in September of 2015. In the identical interview, she additionally shared her uncommon hydration hack for wholesome pores and skin. “My big thing is that I will rotate coffee and green tea throughout the year and I think that helps my skin. I’ll drink coffee for six months, then switch to green tea for six months.”

When it involves life within the highlight, it’s laborious to not deal with even essentially the most minuscule adjustments in look, however Moore’s philosophy on growing old is one we should always all take into account extra typically: it’s pure. So, subsequent time we discover ourselves getting slowed down in discuss high-quality traces and wrinkles, it is perhaps time to place down the telephone and decide up a glass of algae-infused water.