Jeff Leatham on His ‘Most Personal Fragrance’ and His Melanie Griffith–Recommended Skin-Care Routine

Jeff Leatham is a person of many trades. He’s a well-renowned floral designer for the likes of the Kardashian clan, the creative director of the Four Seasons and has helped develop a handful of entrancing scents, together with a handful of KKW fragrances. Leatham is having a busy spring closing out his beautiful Orchid Show on the New York Botanical Garden, launching his first private perfume and nonetheless looking for time for himself. We caught up with the proficient Mr. Leatham to study extra in regards to the new perfume Voodoo Rose with Scent Beauty and what goes on behind the scenes. The full-sized perfume shall be accessible within the fall, however you possibly can pre-order the pattern dimension now.

On Voodoo Rose…

“This is my most personal fragrance because Voodoo Rose has been in my life for probably 16 years. We created it years ago—it’s been in candle form before. What I’ve done the last year and a half is made fragrances with KKW. To have my first launch on my own be Voodoo Rose and have it be so personal for me is just so amazing.”

On the irresistible scent…

“It’s patchouli oil and it’s rose and it’s cinnamon. The coronary heart of it’s sandalwood and peppercorn and vanilla and musk. I’ve so many people who find themselves so enthusiastic about this as a result of when it was in candle kind, the celebrities I’d given it to would actually conceal the candles as a result of they had been so uncommon.

The solely solution to describe it’s darkish and horny. This is the perfume you wish to put on at evening while you wish to get mischievous—and you need individuals to recollect what you odor like. People will say they’ve by no means smelled something like this, in a great way. I believe that’s why the identify is so becoming for it. It is truthfully like voodoo—it captures you.”

On the inspiration behind the scent…

“I’ve always loved a dark rose. When we started creating Voodoo Rose, it was really based upon just a really dark, beautiful rose, like a red rose. I think that’s the classic part of it. There haven’t really been a lot of fragrances out there on the market, for years, with a base of a deep, red, sexy rose. Rose with my other fragrances, like KKW Desert Rose, is very rose feeling, but you spray Voodoo Rose on, and you don’t really smell the rose at all.”

On his skin-care routine…

“I have a friend, Melanie Griffith, she’s an actor, she was one of the original investors in Augustinus Bader. I’m obsessed with it. That’s my skin-care routine. I wear The Face Oil ($245), then I wear The Cream ($280) and then I wear The Rich Cream ($280). I do that everyday. I’m 51, can you tell? Everyone says, ‘You have such shine on your skin,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s not me it’s the skin-care routine.’ I don’t really wash my face. I just use those products.”

On self-care…

“I go on walks with this guy here [gestures to his dog napping beside him]. I think it’s super important to take time for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s four times a year or a couple of times a year. I just got back from Florida because I just wanted to walk on the beach, not that we don’t have beaches in LA. I think it’s important to practice self-care, even if it’s sleeping in an extra 30 minutes. It’s all about self-care sitting outside, having a glass of wine, or even just taking a longer walk than usual and putting on some of your favorite music. Those are all things that don’t cost a lot of money.”

On different fragrances…

“I’ve solely worn three fragrances my entire life. I’ve worn Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb ($118), which is clearly a ladies’s perfume however I sort of made it mine. You know the way fragrances change with the chemical compounds on your physique. Recently, I’ve been sporting lots of KKW Night Iris, and I combine that with Rare Fig ($24) and Caramel Orchid ($24). When individuals hug me, they’re like ‘Oh my God, you smell so good,’ and that’s my aim.

I’m a real believer in having totally different sorts of fragrances for various occasions of the day. In the morning, you may want one thing like citrus and jasmine and gardenia to wake you up, then one thing sexier at evening.”

On why fragrances are so particular…

“When I was approached by Scent Beauty to do a personal fragrance it was very exciting for me because I’d just been such a fan of fragrances in my life. You remember a flower, and it creates a memory, of your grandmother’s favorite flower, or you remember flowers someone gave to you, and I think that’s the same memory that fragrance has when you smell someone, or someone walks in a room, or you go on a date with someone. And fragrance lasts longer than a flower arrangement. My mother, unfortunately, passed away a couple of years ago. She wore Estée Lauder Youth-Dew ($42). I make sure I buy a bottle because, when I smell it, it makes me think of her.”

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