Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Face? [And How Does It Compare With Other Methods?]

Good and Bad Points of Laser Hair Removal

You have probably heard that laser hair removal is a great way to remove body hair that would otherwise embarrass or annoy you.

However, it is a medical procedure, and before you try any medical procedure you need to do some research.

Below is a list of good and bad points of laser hair removal which can help you determine whether or not to sign up for it at your local skincare clinic.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Face?

The Accuracy Versus Time Ratio is Excellent

It is possible to shave or wax unwanted hair away quickly.

But often accuracy is lost when speed is increased.

It becomes easy both to miss a stray hair and to accidentally injure yourself when you rush.

Since your trained skincare clinician will control the speed of your laser treatment you do not need to worry about rushing, and the accuracy of the laser device will also ensure a thorough treatment.

Even so, the time spent in a laser appointment will be minimal. Most appointments are completed in about an hour, if not less.

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The Regrowth Delay is Also Excellent

Regrowth is one of the most annoying things about unwanted body hair.

No matter how you remove it you probably feel like it comes back in the blink of an eye. However, the excellent thing about laser hair removal equipment is that it can give you a drastically increased regrowth delay.

While shaving an unwanted hair off might cause it to regrow in days, that same hair may disappear for weeks after you complete a series of laser sessions.

The primary reason for that time increase is the fact that the laser can treat the entire hair and the root.

The razor blade cannot reach the hair root or most of the hair shaft because they are hidden under the top skin layer.

Laser Hair Removal is Comparatively Comfortable

Another good point about laser hair removal is that it is fairly comfortable, especially as compared to certain other hair removal techniques. Sugaring, waxing, and electrolysis, for example, can all cause varying degrees of pain.

When you undergo laser hair removal in a clinical setting your comfort level will be carefully managed by your clinician.

Cooling and numbing agents can be used to keep actual pain to a bare minimum in most cases.

You May Not be Able to Have Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When considering the bad points of laser treatment the biggest one to examine is whether or not you can actually have such a procedure to get rid of your body hair.

Your clinician may recommend against the procedure if you suffer from certain skin conditions.

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Alternatively, the clinician may tell you to seek out a specialty laser capable of treating someone with your skin type.

Such a complication is more likely to occur if your skin is dark, since many lasers are designed to target dark hairs on a background of light colored skin.

Laser Hair Removal Has the Potential for Side Effects

Although the risks are minimal you must also consider potential side effects before having laser hair removal done at your local clinic. In almost every case the skin will be red and warm after laser treatment.

Although technically a side effect, it is normal and should subside fairly quickly.

Abnormal side effects include blisters and burns, which are quite rare. Such side effects only typically occur when a patient is treated with a laser inappropriate for his or her skin type.

That should never happen to you if you seek treatment at a well-established skincare clinic with an excellent reputation.

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Laser Treatment is Not Instant or Permanent

Contrary to what many people believe, a laser device will not zap your unwanted hair away.

And one potential bad point to consider if you have heard that hair will never come back is that permanent hair loss after laser treatment rarely occurs.

A more realistic expectation is that after several sessions hair in the treated area will fall out.

Then it will regrow after time, but take a period of several weeks to return, as opposed to the few days to a week of regrowth time after most other hair removal methods are performed.

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