How To Tan Fair Skin In A Tanning Bed

How To Tan Fair Skin In A Tanning Bed

How To Tan Fair Skin In A Tanning Bed

People with all kinds of skin tones can use tanning beds as a way to get glowing, tanned skin.

However, the process can be a little more complicated for those with skin that is naturally very fair.

Because of that, there are some important tips and steps you need to consider when it comes to tanning fair skin, especially if you're using a tanning bed.

Fair Skin Reacts Differently

fair skin reacts differently

As many with fair skin may know, this is a skin type that can burn very easily. As a result, it's not uncommon for those with this skin tone to be slathered with sun block anytime they leave their home. However, some may still seek out some tanning in order to get golden, glowing skin.

It's a good idea for fair-skinned individuals to go through the tanning process more slowly and much more gently, as burnt skin can be uncomfortable and can slow the tanning process. Unlike with some skin types that tan more easily, tanning fair skin can become a pretty complicated process.

Seek Out Professional Help

Due to the difficulties that can present themselves with fair skin, it can be a good idea to seek out a consultation if you haven't done much indoor tanning before. A professional will be able to take a look at your skin and give you a good idea of what you can expect to achieve.

They can also give you some tips on products as well as help you to set up a tanning regimen that can help you to achieve a tan without the risk of burning your skin.

How Many Sessions Can It Take?

This can really depend on just how fair your skin is. Typically, fair skin can't handle the same amount of time spent in a tanning bed as darker skin types can. While many may be able to stay in a tanning bed for around 20 minutes, lighter skin tones may only be able to go for under 10 minutes at a time.

This can also mean that the process is going to take more sessions over time to achieve the ideal effect. For some, it can take around 10 sessions. A professional will be more likely to give you a good idea of how many sessions you may need for a deep tan.

Safety Tips

It's important for all skin types to keep safety in mind when considering indoor tanning. However, safety can be even more important for fair skin types, as they can be more prone to some of the negative effects tanning can cause.


Moisturizing is an extremely important thing to do while you're working on getting a deep tan. Skin exposure to UV rays can result in the skin becoming somewhat dry, so you'll want to make sure you moisturize on a daily basis as well as after a tanning session.

In addition, make sure you use a moisturizer that is very gentle on the skin. Try to avoid fragrances and dyes and stick to something that will add moisture to your skin without too much extra fluff. These additions can sometimes irritate the skin even more after a tanning session.

Sun Block

While lots of people choose to use sunblock during a tanning session, it can be a good idea for those who are highly prone to burning. This can help to block some of the UV rays so that your skin doesn't get such a harsh introduction to those rays during tanning.

Finding the ideal balance of SPF protection and tanning bed use can help you to get a deeper tan with less of a concern for burning. However, that balance is going to be a little different for everyone, so you'll need to pay special attention to how your skin reacts.

Spray Tans and Self-Tanning

These options can be ideal for fair skin types as they don't involve the use of UV rays. Because of that, they are a lot safer and less likely to result in unpleasant burns or the risk of skin cancer. They are definitely worth looking into for these reasons.

Considering Other Options

These days, more and more people are turning to skincare rather than tanning as it can have greater results in maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

Naturally, it's up to you whether or not you seek to tan, but at the very least maintaining a great skincare routine can be a huge help.


Tanning with fair skin can be tricky, but there are ways to go about it that will be less likely to result in burning or other problems. If you're uncertain about whether or not using a tanning bed is a good idea for you, make sure to check with a professional!

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