How to Make Rose Water

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Rose water is just not solely superbly aromatic however extraordinarily versatile. It has an intensive vary of makes use of together with facial toner, hair fragrance, cooling mist, and linen freshener. Rose petals are edible and rosewater has a spot within the culinary world as properly.

I exploit rose water to substitute some or the entire water in recipes for like soap, hair rinse, and hair detangling spray. (As a facet observe, it’s going to have little influence on the ultimate colour of your cleaning soap and will certainly not flip it pink!)

How to Make Your Own Rose Water From Scratch

If you want making DIY magnificence merchandise or unique meals recipes and have entry to garden-grown roses, you’ve gotten to do that recipe!

There are two comparatively simple methods to make rose water at house:

Simmering vs. Distilling

The best and quickest method is by simmering rose petals (dried or contemporary) in water. The result’s a aromatic, rose-colored water. This methodology is suited finest for recipes and makes use of that won’t sit round very lengthy because it has a restricted shelf life.

The distilling methodology technically makes a hydrosol. It can be fairly simple to make, albeit barely extra time-consuming. A rose hydrosol is evident and far more shelf-stable.

Choosing Rose Petals

There are over 100 totally different types of roses. If you’re fortunate sufficient to have roses rising in your backyard you need to use them to make rose water. If you can be choosing your individual roses, achieve this within the early morning when the blossoms are probably the most aromatic.

You also can buy roses however they need to be from an natural supply. It is necessary to use pesticide-free rose petals so your completed rose water is just not filled with chemical compounds.

It’s potential to use dried petals. I like these. They are from the Damask Rose and are very aromatic, in addition to edible.

Another possibility is to use lavender flowers. Follow the instructions beneath for the dried petals and use the lavender water rather than the rose water within the following recipes.

Uses for Rose Water

There are so some ways to use rosewater. Here are a few of my favorites.

Perfumed Sprays

One factor many individuals miss after they’ve made the change to wholesome choices in magnificence care is the scented facet of business merchandise. Often occasions these synthetic fragrances are the promoting level for perfumes, soaps, and shampoos, however they’re additionally one of the more dangerous ingredients utilized in these merchandise.

Rose water makes a beautiful base for making substitutes for perfumed sprays. Natural shampoo, for instance, leaves your hair clear and protects the pure stability of oils in your scalp, however doesn’t depart an enduring perfumed scent. You could make a easy hair fragrance to add a contact of a floral scent to your hair. You also can simply dab rose water in your wrists and neck for a light-weight trace of fragrance.

Hair Perfume: Mix 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract with essential oils in a 4 oz glass spray bottle and fill to the highest with rose water. Spritz in your hair as it’s drying and magnificence as standard. This can be nice for second (or third) day hair. Spritz a bit on to clean up. Store within the fridge. My present favourite mixture is:

  • 3 drops Patchouli
  • 4 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 3 drops Rosemary
  • 4 drops Cedarwood
  • 5 drops Lavender
  • 4 drops Grapefruit
  • 4 drops Bergamot

Linen Freshener: Make a linen freshener by placing rosewater in a twig bottle. You also can add a pair drops of rose or lavender important oil. Mist in your sheets earlier than going to mattress within the night.

Skin Care

Another glorious use for rose water is in your skincare routine. Rose water helps stability the pores and skin’s PH, reduces redness and irritation, tightens pores, and helps cool and soothe sizzling pores and skin.

  • Facial Toner: Store rose water in a darkish coloured glass bottle. Add a drop or 2 of lavender or rose important oil and apply to your face with a cotton ball after you bathe or wash your face.
  • Cooling Mist: Store rose water in a dark colored bottle with a fine mist spray top. You can preserve it in your purse for on-the-go use or preserve it within the fridge for additional cooling. Mist on face to cool pores and skin and clean up.
  • Sunburn Relief: Mix equal elements rose water and apple cider vinegar in a twig bottle and spray onto sunburned pores and skin for aid.

Mood Improvement

Rose water can be a beautiful temper enhancer. You can mist it on your self in the identical method you employ the cooling spray and breathe within the scent to carry your temper. For a chilled bathtub, add 1-2 cups to your bathtub water.

Culinary Uses

  • In Tea: Add rose water to style to your natural tea.
  • Flavor Yogurt: Start with a teaspoon of rose water for 1 cup of yogurt and add extra to style.
  • Lemonade: Add a splash to your lemonade for a posh taste enhancer.


How to Make Rose Water Recipe

Learn how to make rose water as a aromatic pure ingredient for magnificence recipes like fragrance, cleaning soap and hair merchandise and for cooking and cleansing. Use the simmering or distillation methodology.

Prep Time10 minutes

Cooling Time45 minutes

Author: Katie Wells


Simmering Method

  • In a small saucepan, mix the rose petals and water.

  • Cover and produce to a boil.

  • Reduce the temperature to the bottom setting that also permits the water to simmer.

  • Simmer till the colour of the rose petals has light. Mine turned virtually colorless. This solely took about 5-10 minutes.

  • Leave the lid on and funky utterly.

  • Pour the water and petals by a cheesecloth right into a darkish, clear bottle. You can use a funnel or pressure right into a measuring bowl with a pour spout after which pour into your darkish bottle if wanted.

  • Store within the fridge for a number of weeks or on the counter for up to one week.

Distillation Method

  • Place a clear brick (an actual brick from a home) within the heart of a big inventory pot. I used an 8 quart inventory pot and a median sized brick.

  • Put a steel bowl or heat-safe glass bowl on high of the brick.

  • Sprinkle the rose petals across the brick ensuring not to get any into the bowl.

  • Pour water into the pot over the petals till it comes virtually to the highest of the brick.

  • Invert the lid and place it over the inventory pot. This will permit the steam to gather and drip down to the middle of the lid and ultimately drip into the bowl.

  • Put ice on the highest of the lid to encourage the steam to condense and subsequently drop into the bowl. You can put it immediately on the lid and suck the water off with a turkey baster because the ice melts or you possibly can put the ice in a ziplock bag so it’s simple to pull off and substitute. You need to preserve in as a lot steam as potential as a result of the steam is definitely your rosewater.

  • Bring the water to a boil after which cut back to the bottom warmth potential that also permits the water to simmer.

  • Simmer for a minimum of half-hour, changing the ice because it melts.

  • Remove the pot from warmth and let it cool utterly.

  • Very fastidiously carry the lid in order that none of your melted ice water falls into the pot.

  • Carefully pour the rosewater that has collected within the bowl into your darkish bottle.

  • This will final for much longer at room temperature (up to 6 months, though it doesn’t stick round that lengthy in my home), however you can all the time retailer it within the fridge to make certain it retains properly.


After utilizing the distillation methodology I had some water left within the backside of the pot after I was achieved. I strained out the petals and used this in a batch of cleaning soap. It didn’t have as sturdy of a scent however I couldn’t stand the considered throwing it out.

Make your own natural rose water for skin care - perfume- culinary uses

Have you ever made rose water? What is our favourite method to use it?

Learn how to make rose water is a fragrant natural ingredient for beauty recipes like perfume, soap and hair products and for cooking and cleaning.

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