Eva Longoria’s Favorite Workout Is Not What You’d Think

Eva Longoria’s physique has stayed tight and toned from her twenties via her late-forties, and we lastly know her secret. In a latest interview with Bustle, the 47-year-old breaks down her favourite type of train, her trick to decompressing and the wellness pattern she’s dying to strive.

Longoria’s morning consists of snuggles from her three-year-old son and her every day trampoline exercise. “I don’t do goat yoga or anything like that,” she says. “But when I first started doing trampoline workouts, everybody was like, ‘What is that?’…It’s so good for lymphatic drainage. I burn more calories doing that than running an hour, so it’s really changed my life. Aside from bouncing, I do heavy weight training.”

As she’s stretching, she meditates. “It could be for two minutes or 20 minutes. It just depends on the day, but those are the two things that really center and ground me every morning.” Her greatest recommendation for nailing down the circulation? Follow a guided meditation. “A lot of times, you feel like, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t quiet my mind,’ but when you have somebody walking you through it, it’s so much easier. That’s really a gateway into deeper meditation.” When she wants an added boot of calm, her masseuse Kimmy is just a textual content away. “She’s my go-to for stress relief,” she provides.

But, simply because Longoria has her routine all the way down to a science doesn’t imply she doesn’t wish to department out. Explaining that she’s been dying to strive cryotherapy, Longoria says there’s been one issue holding her again. “It just seems like you’ve got to go to a place and do it. So if I have to leave my house, it’s already out of the question.” 

Once the day is finished, it’s time to unwind and prepare for mattress. “I learned during the pandemic that what you’re putting into your body and at what time really affects your sleep and your sleep affects your day and your mentality,” Longoria tells Bustle, including that she makes use of the Oura Ring ($300) to nail down her snooze patterns. “What I found is I get deep sleep when I don’t eat super late, so I usually eat with my son around five or six in the evening, and then I’m done for the night.”

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