Eva Longoria on Eye Drops, Her Pandemic-Fitness Push and the Beauty Product She Calls ‘Magic’

Actress, activist, director and entrepreneur Eva Longoria is including a brand new trigger to her hit listing—that of serving to Allergan, an Abbvie Company, get out the good phrase concerning VUITY, the first and solely FDA-approved prescription eye drop to deal with a situation known as presbyopia, which impacts practically half of the U.S. grownup inhabitants. As Longoria shares, she began experiencing issue in seeing up shut in her early 40s, was just lately prescribed the drops by her physician, and has been utilizing it every day since.

Why this partnership?

“A couple of years ago, I started doing the thing where I was moving the phone away, widening the font. I even got to the point where it was hard for me to read my son’s children’s book—who made the font so small! I went to my eye doctor, and he told me I had age-related blurry near vision and he prescribed VUITY. It’s the first and only FDA-approved prescription eye drops to treat this age-related blurry near vision. I had no idea it even existed, and now I use one drop a day and it helps me to see up close.”

That’s wonderful. Has this changed studying glasses for you?

“It hasn’t replaced them, but it’s given them a break.”

You mentioned the blurriness began in your early 40s. What else are you able to share that modified for you at that age?

“Eating. I have to really pay attention to what I eat now. I enjoy life and I enjoy eating, but I have to pay attention to my eating and my sleeping—the two things are really related. You won’t sleep well if you eat too late, and if you eat too late, you won’t sleep well. Plus, your heart rate stays up and then you’re not really getting the deep sleep, which is restorative sleep. Once I connected the dots on those two things it was like, ‘Oh, okay, yes, I need to pay attention and be more aware.’ It’s not like I’m on a crazy diet—I eat really well and I eat what I enjoy and I love my tequila, but, for the most part, that was probably the biggest discovery for me.”

Has wellness modified for you throughout the previous two years?

“Obviously, being in lockdown gave me more time to work out, but it also gave me something to do for my mental health—for me, working out is a mental health hour. Of course, it has its physical benefits, but if I don’t get it done in the day, my mind is not as sharp. I’m grumpy, I’m more tired. I got into the habit of working out during lockdown, because I had the time, but now it’s a habit that I can’t live without.”

At the starting of the pandemic, you made a video overlaying your grays at-home and individuals went loopy for it. What are a few of your favourite magnificence merchandise proper now?

“Yes! I was very much, ‘I’m ready to go gray! What a perfect time, nobody’s going to see me!’ Until it grew about three inches and I’m was not ready at all. In the meantime, because I couldn’t get to the salon and my hairdresser couldn’t come to me, I was using L’Oreal Paris’ Magic Root Cover Up—it’s amazing. I did that video and it got like 2 million views. But it really is my favorite beauty product still, because I go gray literally weekly. I color my hair and then, the next thing I know, I’m gray. It just grows so fast. This is a really, really great product in-between touchups, it has all colors and it never transfers. It’s my favorite product.”

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