Esthetician Supplies for Sale

Esthetician Supplies for Sale

Being an esthetician can be very rewarding, as you can definitely change people’s lives through the work that you do. You can really help their anxiety, you can help them relax, and you can definitely make them feel better about themselves.

An esthetician is only as good as the supplies that they have. Today we have two examples of great esthetician supplies that are for sale online right now. We believe it is through these products that you will be able to offer your fantastic services and experiences to your clients.

Esthetician beds

The first esthetician supply that are on sale are the beds that you can use to do your work. The first bed that we are looking at is the LCL Beauty White Fully Adjustable Beauty Bed. Whether you are looking for a bed to use at home or at the office, you can trust that this product has it all for you! This bed is included with the following:

  • This set comes with a free pneumatic technician stool
  • Headrest on the bed can extend up to 6 inches, allowing all of your clients to be comfortable
  • At the fullest extension of the chair, it measures up to 78 inches long to accommodate even the tallest of people
  • There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product, should anything go wrong
  • The headrest can also be removed, allowing you to have a face opening in place
  • Allows the bed to convert between an upright chair to a full massage table quickly, so you can even work on the same client in a variety of ways
  • Arms on the product can be quickly and easily removed during conversion, but they are there if you need to use them
  • Base is made out of welded steel, ensuring the durability of the product and that it will last for years
  • Final dimensions of the product are 72 inches long, by 32 inches wide (with the armrests on). The backrest measures around 24 ½ inches wide.

One of the main keys to purchasing an esthetician bed is to ensure that you get one that is durably made and is not going to fall apart on you. Remember, you are providing your clients with a relaxing and comfortable experience. In order to ensure this, we recommend that you buy an esthetician bed with a lot of comfort features such as cushions and arm rests.

Esthetician tables

The second esthetician supply for sale that we are talking about are the tables. Tables are a must-have for any esthetician and you need to ensure you are getting a great product. One of our favourite tables is the Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table. This is one well known across the market for its comfort level and its great reputation. It has the following:

  • Great price.
  • It is an all-inclusive bundle that comes with sheets, many accessories, and the portable table of course
  • Table has been made out of beech hardwood that is very high quality, and on top of that table lays a foam deck that is 2.5 inches high
  • Has a face cradle that can be fully removed, rests for the arms, supports for the arms, and the entire table is resistant to oil and is waterproof
  • The sheets are made entirely out of cotton; there is also a semi-circular bolster, and a pouch to keep supplies in for easy access
  • There is also a towel hanger to ensure a place to store one
  • The table measures 72 by 28 by 33 inches, and comes with a 5-year warranty
  • It is able to hold up to 450 pounds


No matter what type of esthetician supplies you are buying—a bed, a steamer, a table, whatever it may be—the most important thing to do is buy equipment and supplies of quality. We know you also want to make sure you are within budget, but we must encourage you to always aim for high quality as it will make a difference, because this is something your clients will notice.

The better the service you offer, the more you can charge, and therefore better-quality products are going to make a professional difference.

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