Crest Is Launching Toothpaste That Extends the Life of Your Teeth

Growing up, there have been just a few variations of toothpaste. For some time, past whitening and delicate toothpaste, there weren’t many choices to assist address other dental concerns. Now, toothpaste corporations are steadily creating notable improvements that assist additional the oral well being business. Crest is launching a first-of-its-kind toothpaste, Crest Densify, which helps lengthen the life of your enamel. How can toothpaste do that? Let us clarify.

Crest says that this new toothpaste actively rebuilds tooth density by remineralizing enamel for stronger, more healthy enamel. It additionally protects teeth by stopping future decay. According to an announcement from Crest, “fewer than one in five millennials rank density and enamel protection as the top benefit they look for when selecting a toothpaste, but more than half are worried about losing their teeth as they age – ahead of going gray, getting wrinkles, or even gaining weight.” Crest Densify goals to assist defend towards early tooth decay, which helps the longevity of an attractive smile.

“There are so many things we consume that cause demineralization of our teeth. The issue is if we don’t stabilize this process, then our teeth will continue to degrade, causing loss of tooth structure and decay,” explains Los Altos, CA beauty dentist Joseph Field, DDS. “Using the appropriate health-care product that promotes remineralization or rebuilding of tooth structure is imperative to stop this process and keep our teeth healthy.”  New York beauty dentist Jason Kasarksy, DDS says that “when tooth enamel is damaged, it can not be brought back,” which is why it’s so necessary to take care of your oral well being. However, “weakened enamel can be partially restored by improving density/mineral content,” he notes.

Dr. Field and Dr. Kasarsky say this isn’t essentially a brand new innovation since many of the substances could be present in a number of prescription toothpastes. However, “what is great about this product is it provides some of the benefits of a prescription toothpaste that can be purchased over the counter,” says Dr. Field.

Los Altos, CA beauty dentist Karl T. Supal, DDS says any new merchandise that assist rebuild and strengthen enamel are worthwhile since its a vital half of preventative care. “Rebuilding enamel is very important to help prevent tooth decay,” says Dr. Supal. “The more enamel your teeth have, the better protected they are.”

Dr. Kasarsky notes that there are different toothpastes that assist remineralize enamel, akin to Pronamel or any toothpaste that comprises stannous fluoride. “I believe what Procter and Gamble has done is tweaked the demineralization process. Any toothpaste that has stannous fluoride will remineralize teeth,” says Dr. Kasarsky.

All three medical doctors say they’d advocate this to their sufferers. However, Dr. Field says for these with extra extreme demineralization, he would keep on with a prescription product.

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