A Plastic Surgeon Says an Endoscopic Brow Lift May Be Your Solution to an Aging Forehead

For sufferers who’re on the lookout for a quick, technologically superior method to treating an getting older brow, look no additional than an endoscopic forehead carry from Los Angeles plastic surgeon Peter Lee, MD. “This is the most modern procedure to address forehead sagging concerns,” says the University of Chicago graduate who has carried out upwards of 30,000 cosmetic surgery circumstances all through his 20-year profession. “Because the incision is minimal, the recovery time is really quick. Plus, the results typically last for upwards of 10 years.”

How have you learnt if it’s time for a forehead carry?

“As we get older, our eyelids start to sag, and this is usually a contribution of both skin looseness and eyebrow dropping. The eyebrow drops because the forehead drops, and some of the hallmarks of a sagging forehead are drooping of the upper eyelid, especially at the end, the distance between the eyebrow and the eyes become shorter and a line starts developing at the bridge of the nose. The lines on our foreheads don’t occur because we get older, they occur because we subconsciously raise our eyebrows when we get older. The way to address all of these problems is lifting the entire forehead and the temple, along with the eyebrow, also known as endoscopic brow lift surgery.”

What does endoscopic forehead carry surgical procedure entail?

“The most trendy process to handle brow sagging considerations is the endoscopic forehead carry surgical procedure. Five small injections behind the hairline, all of that are 1.5 cm in size, are required. Through the incisions, we insert a really small digicam to see the tissues. Anyone who’s ever heard me speak about any sort of lifting surgical procedure will know that liberating the tissue up from its attachments is an important half about lifting. Everything is caught collectively below the pores and skin and you actually have to launch all of those attachments earlier than we begin the lifting, which is why we use the tiny digicam.

Once the tissues are launched and every part is simple to carry, we carry up the tissue and place the eyebrow to the extent that we wish. Instead of utilizing stitches, we use the Endotine machine, which is the scale of your fingertip nail and it’s fabricated from the identical supplies because the absorbable sutures we use throughout surgical procedure, nevertheless it’s a short lived, stable implant. This machine is inserted in three areas, one within the heart of the brow and two on the heart of the eyebrow arch. The path of the carry is straight up on the center of the brow, and on the perimeters it’s extra diagonal to actually rejuvenate the higher third of the face.The Endotine machine dissolves after six months. During this time, all the space that was lifted up will get caught down to its new place and every part turns into settled.”

How lengthy will outcomes final?

“The results of this surgery will last a minimum of 10 years. Because the incision is minimal, the recovery time is really quick. Usually, after about seven to 10 days, 80 percent of the swelling is down. The surgery itself takes about 35 minutes to do, and it’s usually done either with IV sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s choice. Most patients have diminished sensation in the forehead and scalp, but that is purely temporary and in about two months, the sensation becomes normal again.”

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