8 Ways to Brighten Dull Skin

Laser Love

Dermatologists typically love using lasers to assist brighten pores and skin and address hyperpigmentation, but it surely’s price noting that it’s not the best choice for all. Although laser therapy is also an excellent option for a skin radiance boost, it may be limited by the type of technology and skin type,” says Dr. Blyumin-Karasik. “Some laser systems are outdated or too broad in light delivery. These can create significant heat in the skin, which increases the risk of skin pigmentation and scarring, especially in darker skin-type individuals.”

Dr. Blyumin-Karasik says one among her favourite pores and skin tone correction lasers which might be “more precise and powerful” and likewise secure for many of her sufferers is the Candela Picoway. Meanwhile, Dr. Beer loves the Fraxel Dual laser to tackle pigment.

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