6 Ways to Get a Better Butt, According to Plastic Surgeons

Go the minimally-invasive route

“Minimally invasive procedures like fat transfer can create a dramatic improvement through just a couple tiny needle pricks,” says Dr. Levine, who stays considerably superficial together with his remedies to keep away from dangers related to fats switch to the gluteal muscular tissues.

“I’ve never injected deep fat into the muscle layer. There’s no question that treating fat in multiple planes and being able to address it as much as possible has potential to create spectacular results. The problem is that even if you truly know gluteal anatomy, which many plastic surgeons do very well, if you’re not actually seeing those vessels it does open up significant risk.”

His answer: staying superficial. “While you may not be able to get the most spectacular results ever in one treatment session, you are able to see dramatic improvement and get great results in a way that doesn’t put people at risk.”

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