5 Ways to Target and Lift Sagging Breasts According to the Pros

“If you have any amount of breast tissue, wearing a supportive bra is a good idea, especially if you run. A bra could potentially help gravity from stretching your breast tissue and  skin throughout your life. 

Also, a non-surgical breast lift can be achieved with absorbable barbed threads to re-suspend the gland superiorly. However, these threads are not FDA approved and cannot lift heavy ptotic breasts. Radiofrequency microneedling or micro-focused ultrasound may also be used to stimulate collagen to tighten the upper pole skin of the breast. These devices are off-label in this area.

The absolute best option for a truly saggy breast is still a surgical breast lift with an implant for upper pole fullness. Fat can be used to inflate and elevate a ptotic breast but will not give a convex upper pole like a breast implant.”

—Duxbury, MA plastic surgeon Christine Hamori, MD

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