5 Simple & Natural Detox Bath Recipes

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Nothing is extra enjoyable than a heat tub… besides maybe a calming heat detox tub that additionally helps cleanse the physique in different methods.

If you battle with toxins or pores and skin points these pure recipes are a easy, straightforward, and cheap technique to enhance well being. I’m at all times up for a heat tub, and these pure add-ons assist enhance well being whilst you loosen up.

A great detox tub will even are likely to make you drained so I counsel doing them as part of your bedtime routine.

Natural Detox Bath Recipes

You might have heard of an Epsom tub (and that’s our base recipe right here), however what a few clay tub, vinegar tub, or perhaps a mustard tub?!

These are all pure elements, accessible in most of our kitchens or pantries, that may enhance the circulatory and olfactory senses, stimulating leisure and build up magnesium shops.

You solely want a couple of easy elements to make some or all of those detox tub recipes:

  • Epsom salt
  • apple cider vinegar
  • baking soda
  • bentonite clay (yet another specialised ingredient that has lots of other purposes, so take into account stocking up!)
  • mustard powder or ginger powder
  • important oils (combine with powder or salt moderately than on to the tub)

These recipes are additionally secure and soothing for youths too! (But choose your essential oils wisely.)

Basic Epsom Salt Detox Bath Recipe

Here’s my primary detox tub recipe. Find the opposite variations under. Mix and match, or discover your favourite!


Salt Detox Bath Recipe

This easy salt tub recipe is nice for soothing pores and skin irritation, boosting magnesium ranges, and total detoxing.

Yield: 1 tub

Author: Katie Wells


  • In a small pan, deliver 2 cups of water to a boil.

  • Pour the water right into a quart-size mason jar.

  • Stir within the sea salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda.

  • Fill the bath with heat/scorching water.

  • Add the apple cider vinegar.

  • Pour the salt combination in and add important oils if utilizing.

  • Soak within the tub for Half-hour or so long as desired.


With any detox tub, you might really feel drained or lightheaded while you get out. I don’t suggest doing this whereas dwelling alone or earlier than going someplace in case you’re drained or need assistance.

Clay Detox Bath Recipe

Clay Detox Bath Instructions

Dissolve the Epsom salts in a heat/scorching tub and add important oils if desired. For the clay there are two choices:

  1. Vigorously combine the clay right into a small quantity of water till the clumps are principally dissolved. Do not use steel for this! I combine with a plastic spoon in a glass jar. Add the clay combine to the tub and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  2. Mix that clay with a small quantity of water to make a paste. Stand within the tub stuffed with water and rub the clay combine throughout your physique to create a pores and skin masks and let dry for 5 minutes earlier than sitting down. This gives direct contact with the pores and skin and successfully pulls toxins from the pores and skin. Soak in tub a minimum of 20 minutes or so long as desired. While soaking, use a wash fabric to wash any remaining clay off the pores and skin.

This tub is nice for eradicating a variety of toxins because the clay binds to heavy metals and the Epsom salts assist pull a wide range of toxins from the physique whereas replenishing magnesium ranges.

Oxygen Detox Bath Recipe

This tub is very useful throughout sickness because the ginger helps clear congestion or alleviate physique aches. It can be useful for allergy symptoms or pores and skin irritation.

Oxygen Detox Bath Instructions

  1. Fill the bathtub with heat/scorching water and add the hydrogen peroxide and dried ginger.
  2. Soak in tub for Half-hour or so long as desired.

Vinegar Detox Bath Recipe

This is a superb tub for soothing pores and skin issues since vinegar balances the pores and skin’s pH. While I don’t love the odor of vinegar, if anybody within the household has sunburn, eczema, dandruff, or dry itchy pores and skin we take a vinegar tub.

Apple cider vinegar has a whole host of benefits, and I discover it helps not solely my pores and skin however leaves me with mushy pores and skin and glossy hair as effectively.

Vinegar Bath Instructions

  1. Once or twice every week, I fill a bathtub with heat to scorching water and add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar.
  2. I soak for 20-Half-hour, utilizing a washcloth to wash my face and ensuring to get my hair moist as effectively.

After bathing, I rinse off in a cool bathe, although some sources suggest letting the vinegar water dry on the pores and skin.

Mustard Detox Bath Recipe

I do know, I’ve misplaced my thoughts proper? If it helps, I’m speaking about natural mustard powder, not the yellow stuff in a bottle! Ancient cultures usually used this spice in preparations to assuage colds, flus, and sore muscle tissues, due to its circulation-stimulating properties.

Magnesium and important oils make this tub each detoxifying and fragrant.

Mustard Bath Instructions

I exploit this recipe which makes use of organic mustard powder, Epsom salts, and a mixture of important oils.

Additional Detox Bath Notes

  • The hotter the water, the extra highly effective the detox impact shall be.
  • If you’ve got chlorine and fluoride in your water, I like to recommend including a couple of tablespoons of bentonite clay to any of those baths to assist take in the chemical compounds so that they aren’t absorbed into the pores and skin. Here are some other ways to reduce chemicals in bath water as effectively.
  • Any of those pure elements can be utilized alone or together for a cleaning impact.
  • All recipes might be doubled or tripled however this can enhance the detox impact.

More Bath Recipes for Natural Detoxification

I like to recommend beginning slowly with these tub detox recipes or any well being change. To assist, I’ve compiled all of my concepts for detoxing your physique and your own home in my guide The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox.

Important: I’m not a health care provider or medical skilled and the recommendation on this submit is for informational functions solely. If you’re pregnant or have a well being situation, seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than including something to your well being routine.

This article was medically reviewed by Madiha Saeed, MD, a board licensed household doctor. As at all times, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we suggest that you simply speak together with your physician.

Ever taken a detox tub? Got a distinct recipe you utilize? Share under!


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