4 of the Latest Technologies That Give Skin a Major Upgrade

New York dermatologist Orit Markowitz, MD is a main knowledgeable in noninvasive pores and skin most cancers therapies, so she’s in a position to get first entry to some of the latest applied sciences which can be altering the means medical doctors can penetrate, transform and deal with the pores and skin in revolutionary new methods. At her OptiSkin apply in Manhattan, she makes use of these modalities to not solely diagnose and deal with skin cancer, but in addition to supply solar injury rejuvenation, erase tattoos and provides her sufferers tighter, extra lifted trying pores and skin. She is the go-to for non-invasive remedies which can be trending now. So a lot so, her motto is “Cutting Edge without the Cutting.”

Here, she shares the high applied sciences that give her sufferers the greatest outcomes.


Heating under the floor of the pores and skin with radio frequency microneedling is a nice strategy to generate collagen, says Dr. Markowitz, however she additionally likes it as a result of it creates a contraction of the pores and skin. (*4*)


While you is likely to be acquainted with ultrasound therapies of the previous, Dr. Markowitz says Sofwave, a new FDA-cleared lifting remedy for the forehead, neck and jawline, is subsequent stage. “This one has a lot more bells and whistles,” she explains. “It is the only device that delivers heat to the depth of 1.5mm in the mid-dermis, which is where collagen is generated. You can also get a higher amount of heat, so it takes a little less time to treat than other options. Because you’re getting a higher amount of heating, with less discomfort, it’s easier for the patient to undergo.”


The latest of all the PICO lasers, Dr. Markowitz says PicoWay is her go-to laser remedy as a result of it’s quicker and extra environment friendly than others earlier than it. “There are new pieces that they’ve just developed, like fusion pieces, where you’re able to combine both the fractionated kind with more superficial treatments, so you’re able to get optimal results. Because it has various wavelengths, you can look at the patient and determine where the pigment is and choose the right wavelength to target so they do not have to keep coming back to be treated with various pieces, you know exactly what you need to target from day one.”

Dr. Markowitz says the PicoWay is the greatest for correcting vital hyperpigmentation, darkish spots, or erasing tattoo ink. “It’s photo acoustic energy, so it’s just sort of acoustic at different depths. So, when you have certain types of scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma or other pigmentary disorders, we’ll also use noninvasive imaging to see where the pigment is and you get a determination of how much of it is, whether it has a vascular component, and then properly target it all at once as opposed to a trial-and-error approach until you get it done.”


The noninvasive imaging Dr. Markowitz is referring to is a new gadget that appears at the pores and skin in a three-dimensional perspective, making it simpler to plan and goal different pores and skin remedies.

“We are the only practice in the U.S. with this technology and we’re using it to not only do research to better treat skin cancer, but also to further understand how to manage other diseases like pigment, psoriasis, nail fungus and other skin diseases like eczema.”

For sufferers present process remedies, Dr. Markowitz says it might probably take months to see how the pores and skin is responding, however with noninvasive imaging, she will begin to inform immediately whether or not that affected person goes to enhance. “When you want to laser a patient, you can see what the depth of pigment is, where are the vessels are, how big they are, and even how to determine what is the most optimal approach and whether the treatment is working under the skin before we see the outcome of the skin.”